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First of all….

first of all

…….Introduction! Hellurrr!! 🙂 🙂 Now if you don’t know anything about me yet, know first that I love music and all things beautiful. Hence I used the Nigerian street singer, Olamide’s hit song as title. I’m not quite sure that’s the exact title of the song though, but when you do listen, that’s the line that jumps out on you. I mean, it was so bad that I was in a very formal gathering once and a facilitator came up to speak and innocently started with “first of all…” and surprisingly the rest of the room shouted “Introduction!” much for being formal.

Anyways, thats by the way… Since this is my first post ever, i just wanted to, you know, introduce myself and hopefully get to know you as well. I’m Ursula Uju.. and this is my first blog!!..*wipes tears* i want to thank God,my mum,friends for this lovely opportunity to… hehehe… Yea I’m excited like that.

But really though…are we going to have fun or what?? This blog, by God’s grace, will give you a reason to come back for more..hehehe.. fear not, I’m sure it’s not fattening…*tongue out*.  Watch out for style pictures, artistic photos, inspiration, and lotsa goodies. While I do have my ideas for this blog, I’ll really love to know what you’ll love to see from time to time. This is about US…!! ursula sebastine..naa it’s about all of us. I mean you’re a huge part of the reason I’m doing this. So let’s get to know each other aii.. and have great fun on this journey.

*hugs and kisses*



I'm a fashion and lifestyle blogger who's always excited to meet new people and learn new things while challenging someone to live, love, laugh and look better! Welcome to my village :)