Africa and prints

africa and prints

Despite the prints and scars on Mama Africa’s skin, I love her still.

african prints

Hellurr…:) 🙂  Can we just take a moment to really appreciate African prints? Not just the one I’m having on, but adire, kente, aseoke et al. A million shout outs to African designers as well. You guys are the real MVPs…hehehe.

You wonder why I’m all African and proud this day right? You’ll think I have a truck load of natives, sadly I don’t. I intend to change that soon though.

Don’t get me wrong I do love the foreign labels and designs. What’s not to love? They’re gorgeous. But there’s something about wearing an Aseobi outfit for instance. Especially one so articulately sewn! Oh boy!!

Africa has been birthing surreal prints since the first century. African textiles were first discovered in northern Bukina Faso and then later in the ninth century, found from sites at Igbo Ukwu of the Igbo clan. Can you hear me giggle? Hehehe..yea i’m of igbo descent.

Well apparently during the slave trade era, Africans succeeded in taking a bit of the African culture (as expressed through the prints) to America and our western brothers and sisters wasted no time getting comfortable in them.

beyonce in african print

Beyonce and her Hubby Jay-Z in african print

african textile

Elle Varner in Kente

I particularly love the styles on ladies. I mean have you seen Aseobi Bella’s? Or a gentle man in an agbada? The depth and riches of these prints, the kingly and queenly look they give the ‘wearer’, the…ok I’ll stop now. *sigh*

So…with this piece I’m putting on, I wanted to go for a simple look with little exciting details. The different shades of red on the dress is a little bit sublime you can almost miss it. The tailor got the side piece on the dress from City Mall and that added a bit of drama. And those buttons behind? Ahh…tres belle!!

africa and print


african styles

aseobi bella


Ladies and gents, what style will you be trying soon?

Photography: May16th photography

Dress: Sewn by a tailor, Ayo. 

Watch: Invicta

Shoes: Qupid (oldie and a gift)

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