MANday 02: How To Maintain A Beard

How to maintain the beard

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Hellurrr…so it’s MANday and as usual we’re strictly doing men’s business. Beards!! Who’s excited??? Yea man! I hear you! *in the Jamaican accent* If you missed previous edition, you should check it out here
Have you wondered where the beard craze started from? I mean it feels like all of a sudden every guy around me is growing a beard! As far back as the 16th century, men have always identified beards as a sign of wisdom, honour or a stylish accessory. But in the past two to three years the craze has gone up a thousand notches. Now you hear terms like *beards on fleek* , *beardgang* I mean say what?? Some will say only real men grow a beard…hmmm.. I can’t even blame them. A 2012 study from the University of New South Wales, shows that women are more attracted to stubbly chinned or bearded guys than cleanly shaven guys. I testify to that myself …*covers eye*

But really though, ladies I’ll love to know what you think about getting involved with a bearded man…hehehe…Interestingly, lots of celebrities I admire wear beards! Samuel Jackson, David Beckham, Sean Connery…the list goes on!

I totally get why they have that beard gang thing going on, and feel membership is for real men only. The patience it takes to grow such, despite the initial itches and discomfort, is no child’s play. Common take a look at this guy!

beardsNow while it’s totally courageous and admirable to want to grow your beards you’ve got to get in tune with how to properly manage it. What’s worth doing is worth doing well right??

real men real style
Whichever style you choose or are currently rocking, maintenance is pretty much the same.
-Always be sure to trim. Having unkempt beard is a hundred times less than cool. Invest in a beard trimmer and learn how to use it.
-It’s usually advisable to use same shampoo for both your hair and beards but if you must use a different soap, be sure it doesn’t contain sodium laurth sulfate.
-Apply ample amount of moisturizer like a beard oil or any moisturizer devoid of alcohol. They dry out your skin and we don’t want that .
-For those with longer beards, using a blow dryer is recommended. Interestingly, it makes your beard look fuller and more tidy. You can apply a beard balm while it’s still wet before blow drying. Try blowing from the neck up, thank me later…hehehe
-Your genes determine how your beards will grow and that in turn defines your style. Study how your beards grow and style in the most personally befitting way. Summarily, Find. Your. Style.
-A boost in testosterone will help your beard grow better. So naturally boost it by indulging more in red meat,nuts, avocados, olive oil, avoid soy based products and …aha…lift weights!
-Need I mention? avoid picking your beards, settle instead for stroking them.
-Finally, get ready to bag a Phd in patience, cos you’re going to be dealing a lot with that. After all, it is said that the quality of a beard isn’t in the length but in its age. Like fine wine eh…

beards samuel jackson

beards noble igwe

Noble Igwe of @stylevitae

Guys have I helped much? You can always get more info here. So tell me ‘beardgangers’, how do you maintain your beards??

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