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I was here

The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I lived, that I made a difference, and this world will see, I was here…Beyoncé ‘Blessed’ Knowles..


Hellurrr 🙂 🙂 ….if you haven’t listened to that amazing piece yet, you totally should! Like now! Ok maybe after you’re done reading here….hehehe
You see I’m always careful what I listen to especially as I’m very aware of the strong influence music has on the psychology of man but I can’t deny the amazingly positive energy this song brings. This is no doubt my favorite piece by Beyoncé…mehn can that lady sing or what?!!
First time I heard and watched her perform this piece on the united nations humanitarian day, I cried a few tears…I was incredibly touched at the weight of the message. It begs the question ‘what are you here for?’
A few days ago I was privileged to be at the launch of a public library and computer lab for less privileged kids by Slum2School Africa (where I’m a professional volunteer) at Makoko, Lagos and I was inspired afresh.
Slum2School is an NGO with the sole objective of providing educational and physiological aid to less privileged kids in slums around the country.
Otto Orondaam, the founder, is one person I think of, anytime this song plays and you can understand why. He spends his every second thinking of ways to send kids to school and so far he has helped enroll over 650 kids! Now tell me that’s not making a difference..
I listened to Steve Harvey once (on his 58th birthday) and he said he’s doing what he does not for himself, but so that he can make someone else’s life better because that’s the essence of living…(I paraphrased though) and he adviced his kids to care more about someone else than for themselves. I totally agree! God has given us this amazing gift of life, it’s only fair that we give back life in some way to others..


school uniform

The kids with Miss Ideal Lagos…

computer lab

Volunteers working…

volunteer 1

With the delectable Oyinkan…


With darling volunteers, Ty, Phee, Eva and another friend 🙂

otto orondaam

Otto addressing invited guests…

jean obi

Otto Orondaam with Mrs Jean Obi (President of the National Braille Council of Nigeria) and another invited guest..




I should pause and ask again…why are you here? You don’t necessarily have to do incredible feats like Beyoncé or Steve or Otto to be terrestrially relevant…but you can do something that leaves a mark in someone’s life. No matter how small…or large…hehehe
If you’re already doing something pls share, you never know who you’ll inspire…I’ll love to hear from you…

In the mean time…
Leave something to remember, so they won’t forget, You were here…

*hugs and kisses*

Pictures: Me 🙂 


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