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MANday 01: Johnnie, Keep on Walking…

Johnny Walker…Keep on Walking..

men shoes

cc @DavidWej

Hellurr… 🙂 🙂 Shake your tail feather and say MANday!!..I like to think all around the world, it’s manday…Monday… And with everyone crushing on some man every blessed Monday, it’s only fair that we have our own slice of candy crush. Who says we can’t have a lil festival huh?

So starting today we’ll be chewing on all things men on Mondays…hence the eh??

I don’t know if there are many of us out there but when I meet a guy for the first name, my eyes immediately fall on his feet (amongst a few other things..). Ladies if you do that too, back me up will you? hehehe…Like I get so skilled at it now, I don’t even have to move a muscle. Well, seeing as I love shoes, it’s only natural I guess. Sadly some folks get it wrong. I see a guy, hair check, clothes check, accent check and I look down and his shoes just break my fragile heart…but why?!! 🙁

Now where is my Johnny? Walking huh…let’s see what he has on his feet…

brown shoes

cc @maglieriapelle …handmade!!

colours and socks

cc @blogdajoly

men brogues

cc @DavidWej

A man in brogues, keeps the boredom away. I could stare at he and his feet all day. It’s also juicy to think it can be worn formally or casually…David Wej has an amazing line of these.


   These Loafers give me the life…there’s something calm and breezy about a man in these… Mamba and Clarks do great justice with their designs of loafers.

red shoes

cc @maglieriapelle

men shoes 3

cc @axelarigato

First time I saw this Axelarigato pair, I actually held my breath…it was paired with an ‘agbada’ and I felt the dude was walking on air…hehe…that was a while ago though but I still love a man in these.

men brogues 2

cc @ouchaholiccs

Ouchaholics got me drooling all over these. The flirty fringe on these babies though..*sighs*…Johnny, wear these and ask me out to a date, imma give you two…hehehe…

Just because it’s man crush Monday, can I crush on David Beckham for the uptenth time?? 🙂 

david beckham


Now which of these would you rock guys? and ladies, which will you like to see your man-crush rock?

PS: Johnnie is a fictional character.

Shoe designers: Ouch, Maglieriapelle, David Wej, Mamba, Axelarigato



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