Now you see me


Hellurrr 🙂 🙂 …for those who thought the day would end without a glimpse of me…you’re wrong…#Now you see me…hehehe 🙂 ..(btw is it just me or that movie was super dope!)

I’ve always loved dark colours…blue, black et all..maybe because I felt these colours were close to my complexion so it was easy to NOT see me..(I used to be shy like that)…but I’m learning to be more flexible and wear other colours that compliment my skin tone….yaayy… However for this post, I’m wearing a little blue dress…cute ehh??

While some dark skinned lovelies would think wearing a blue, black or grey would create a slightly dull aura about them, I say add some pop of colour baby!…hehehe.. Shoes, purse, bag or accessories…Pick one..I picked shoes my favorite fashion piece…hehehe

Need I tell you? Smile! Whoever said that was the best fashion accessory couldn’t be more right!! You’re never done dressing until you throw that on…so smile shall we?? 🙂 🙂

I hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I did..may16th photography is the boss!

blue dress

blue dress 2

I specifically love the pockets

red shoes

women style

little blue dress

when may16th decides to saturate the air with good music...

when may16th decides to saturate the air with good music…


zara shoes

Photography: May16th Photography

Dress: Mercury Duo (a gift)

Shoes: Zara

Watch: Invicta

*hugs and kisses*

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20 Discussion to this post

  1. vokaay says:

    Well said…my favourite colour is still black,and its not cos am hiding lol….looking good sweety! Looking forward to reading your next post…and yes we see you lool

  2. clarke says:

    swagg on Fleek..keep it 100..those are lovely shots. Boooom

  3. Fome-peters says:

    Nice one …..beautiful pictures.

  4. Blake says:

    Blue happens to be my favourite colour. It’s a colour of trust, peace and most importantly CONFIDENCE. Which we all as individuals need in every aspect of our lives. way to go girl. keep the fire burning.

  5. namscod says:

    Is she dancing ethigi or smth?…well,…NoW I see you shaa#

  6. homz says:

    beautiful dress..great writing..very entertaining..keep it up girl and great pictures by may16thphotography..

  7. Mr P says:

    Now you see me……. Nice uju

  8. Inemo says:

    I wear black and white almost everyday…some call me ” monochrome queen”. Lol

  9. Tgurlie says:

    Fine girl….. Now we see you. Nice one

  10. oluwatony lekwa says:

    my favorite is the body shape. hotsome winkes

  11. ifeanyi says:

    Peperempe..Preshe preshe..Portable..Now I see you and your hips and your…. #okbye

  12. Obee says:

    great job dear! All the best, I love dark colours too.

  13. Violet says:

    Violet seems to b my favourite colour ( not biased here). Lolzzzz. Great work girl!!! Rock on!!!!!

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