Tomorrow Never Comes….


Hellurrr!!! 🙂 🙂 Hope our week is off to a great start..mine is!! this is my second post!!..But then…who’s counting?..hehehe..

So I was listening to one of my favourite songs of NickelBack, “Never gonna be alone”, (you should totally listen) and this line jumped on me…’you’ve got to live every single day, like its the only one, what if tomorrow never comes’…(or something like that..lool)’..and I knew I just had to write.

You see, I’ve been pushing writing and starting a blog for a very long time, waiting for ‘tomorrow’ when in truth, now is all we can guarantee. For some of us, who suffer postponing compulsive disorder, who always seem to push everything to ‘tomorrow’, heyyy, join me and Nike and just do it! Tomorrow already has enough worries, no need adding to it. And if we should be totally honest with each other, when tomorrow does come, we just push back again to really, does tomorrow ever come??…..

tomorrow never comes

teal shirt


bag and boots

tomorrow never comes

women style

tomorrow is here

See…now I have an outfit post up! Yayyy!! You can totally do that thing, whatever it is, NOW. I don’t mind sharing NickelBack with you, as long as you’ll ‘nike’ with me. So..who’s with me?? 🙂 🙂

Photograhy: May16th Photography

Top n Pants: A thrift store in Lagos (I ripped the pants myself though) :):)

Shoes: Qupid

Bag: Susen

Watch: New look

Dog chain: TOKculture

*hugs and kisses*

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30 Discussion to this post

  1. Papi says:

    Nice pictures.
    Totally luvin’ it

  2. kani says:

    Way to go Ursula! round of applause for stepping out, it’s all fun from here.

    • Ursula says:

      thank you so much…i’m so looking forward to it, as long as you’re here with me as well..*wink*…come back soon

  3. Mudee says:

    finallyyyyyyyyyyyy we are here! #JustDoIt
    and great choice of song

  4. Toni says:

    I quite agree with you, Ursula. Procrastination stole so much from me some years back which resulted in not been able to achieve certain set goals. Oneday I consciously made the decision to “just start it”…….and that was the magic. We are only a deliberate “just start it” decision away from our next achievement.

    • Ursula says:

      i tell you my friend!!…enough of imaginary “tomorrow’ stealing our opportunities…time to do it!!…thanks for stopping by…*hugs*

  5. Seun Jimo says:

    Indeed tomorrow never comes. Time and tide waits for no man. I’m with you 100%.

    Good one..

  6. Uzo says:

    Way to go fam/!!! Your posts are mouth-watering and you look fantastic. Trust you to do a good job. Cheeers love!!

  7. Sebastine, I like that coinage, “postponing compulsive disorder.” I had gone through that disorder on several occasions and came out successfully but there’s this particular one hitting me hard right now. It is a long story though but my challenge is that I haven’t really found someone in my industry in Aba here who can be trusted enough to share the vision with.

    Meanwhile, welcome to Blogosphere.
    I am the Owner of Emchis Consulting – and Aba is Good Online Magazine –

    • Ursula says:

      awww Emmanuel..i’m glad you’ve broke those chains off…don’t worry I’m sure the God who helped you get out of those ones will help you even in this one.. thanks so much for stopping by..*hugs*..visit again

  8. Ndubuisi Anyaoku says:

    You know you got it, Ursula. Great job!
    Looking forward to more. Cheers.

  9. Laiza says:

    Yayyyy! I’m sooo happy for you. Finally she’s got a blog…whoop whoop!

    And this post is directly talking to me, lol. I know I need to start my blog like yesterday.

    Keep up the great work dear.

  10. I love nickelback!
    Welcome to the blogosphere 🙂

  11. Me says:

    NicE!!! keEp iT goOD…

  12. Inemo says:

    Well done darling!!! Please note that I’ll always want more…lol.
    (PS: I think I have PCD too)

  13. Tito says:

    “Jump and the net will appear”. -John Burroughs (It kinda even applies to this blog post too.) A big congratulations on taking this leap. We look forward to great, insightful & entertaining content over the weeks/months/years to come.

  14. enno -Tee says:

    Go On Girl!… if u need more insipiration just remember the Uju on radio!… and the millions of people you inspired or taught a thing or two!..

    We look forward to your 1000th post!

  15. Sheila sebastine says:

    I’m soo proud of you sist….you give me inspiration. And your pictures!!! Whoops.

  16. […] a particular theme and location. Well, remember when I talked about killing the habit of postponing here? I decided to take my own advice and just do it anyway. Turned out great, I think…hehehe. […]

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