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Bare Necessities Part 1: 5 Bra Must Haves

Hellurr ladies!!! Yes this is basically for us babes. Be not envious of us guys, your basic necessities series will come. I trust our week is cruising along real smoothly. Mine has been crazy busy but I’m fine, I gat you. Thanks for asking *wink*

So in an earlier post, I wore this outfit and I promised I would share on the bra type I used and other necessary ones you ought to have in your closet to properly rock your outfits. Most ladies don’t really pay much attention to their underwear because well…its under. But since all I want is for you to feel and look better, let’s take a look at what tools can help with that shall we? There are quite a number of bra types some I never knew existed till now,honestly, but they do and serve their purpose! From the t-shirt bra to the plunge, convertible,bandeau bra…the list goes on *sigh*. Today though, we’ll dwell on my top 5 picks.

adhesive bra

Fashion 21

Adhesive bra– This does wonders for ladies like me who generally like to where clothes that reveal the back a bit. It holds you up firmly and gives you the liberty to rock that nicely sewn dress. Jumia has quite a few, I got one from them for about #3000 and its served me well!

push up bra

Aerie Bridget Long push up bra

Push-up bra– Ladies have been trying to for ages past to flaunt the perfect cleavage and will still try in ages to come and these push-ups have been their best friends. While I’m all for being modest and keeping them girls under them clothes, I still believe the push up bras are a must-have. Hope you still love me…hehehe

calvin klein contour bra

Calvin Klien

Contour bras– These are easily mistakenly for push ups but they’re a tad different. These are mostly recommended for ladies with somewhat uneven boobs. The cups are specifically moulded for this purpose so I recommend you give it a try.

sports bra

Community later bra

Sports bra– Trust me, I cannot emphasis enough the need for at least one of these. I like to jog, and when I do I see ladies jog past and the sight is well…lets just say this is one very important bare necessity to own. The most alluring thing about this bra is how well it reduces bounce during physical activities. I repeat ladies, y’all need this! You can readily get one at the Nike store at the Palms, Lekki if you’re in Lagos or any other of your choice.

strapless bra

Simone Perele Celeste strapless bra

Strapless bra-  Yes indeed this is needed. Very much needed. You can simply avoid that bra strap popping out of that nice blouse by using a good old strapless bra. Its not stylish. I’m of the opinion that underwears should stay under. So if you have that nice thin sleeved blouse or gown, give the strapless bra a good. She’ll take care of you. *wink*

Ladies hope this post helped you. Which other styles do you recommend? Pls share.

*hugs and kisses*



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