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Manday 06: 7 Grooming Tips For Men

grooming tips for men

Hellurrrr…I hate to be the harbinger of sad news but for us in Nigeria, the holiday is almost over! *wipes tears*. But look on the bright side, you’re well rested (I hope) to take on the week which has just 4 working days, and it’s MANday!!! So today we’ll be doing a lot less pictures and a lot more talking on some grooming tips for our precious men. You know we love you boo. *winks*
A lot of guys expect so much tidiness and neatness from their ladies and pay no mind to their own looks! I mean, if you want a Beyoncé, then pls be a JayZ! Not to say you should cultivate the habit of proper grooming for them ladies, but do it most importantly, for yourself. I’m here to help you get your groove on. You know that’s the most fun part of my job…hehehe. Here are 7 amazing tips!

Wear your crown well- I like to refer to your head as your crown. Take good care of your hair guys. Use a moisturizer and your barbershop more often. Don’t wait for someone to notice the scruffy look before you do something about it. Be more proactive and less reactive. For our beard gangers, I did a piece here on properly maintaining your beard. Take a few tips and you’ll be looking like David Beckham on a runway…hehehe.

grooming tips

Pay attention to your teeth– Believe it or not, one of the first things people, especially ladies, notice in a guy is his smile. And his feet. I’ll get to the feet soon enough but with your teeth take special care. Use mouthwashes after every brush if you can, clean up properly after every meal (or use a minty sweet), see the dentist at least twice a year. Nothing wrong with some scaling and whitening when necessary.

Put your best feet forward– Did I mention the feet is one of the first things noticed? Yep! No you’re not gay if you go get your pedicure and manicure fixed every other week. If you’d rather do it yourself then by all means! But be sure to keep your feet and and nails very tidy. Wash and Moisturize often also.

grooming tips

Manscape properly– Yep I said it. I’m not going to mince words here hunny. It’s 2015 so it’s very acceptable to trim your pubic hair. Trust me any form of untidiness is a turn off and that’s what unkempt public hair is, a turn off. Get a routine you’re comfortable with and can maintain, and stick to it. You’ll feel better. You’re welcome.

Stick to a scent– I get weary of men who use all brands of aftershaves and perfumes. You smell differently every blessed day! Why so undecided?? Even the bible says a man who’s wavering and unstable in his ways is not to be trusted…hehehe…i kid. But really. Stick to a scent. You can change after a few months ofcourse but keep the loyalty…*wink*

Drink more water– It goes without saying, there’s magic in water! Drink more and more water. It does great things to your skin, hair and complexion as well. If you fear you’d perspire more, employ the help of a good deodorant. It’s not an excuse to let the sweat take over you. Make water your best friend and loose the smoking habit if you have it. Take little or no alcohol too. I know it’s hard but you can do it! Say it… I. Can. Do. It!!

Exude confidence– After all is said and done, you do need to exude confidence even with your postures. You’ll most likely be seen before you’ll be heard. If you’re not one with a good posture you could get on some posture enhancing routines at the gym. It’s a gradual process but it’ll help. Give firm handshakes and maintain eye contact and I think you’re good to go!

I believe you lot are amazing creatures of God. You’re strong, confident and hardworking. Yet you need to constantly make efforts to be better everyday. I hope this post helps you be just that.

Can we crush a lil, just a lil, on Denola Grey’s style?? Yeaa!!!

Denola Grey

Denola Grey

Till a later post, do live, love, laugh and look better…

*hugs and kisses*


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