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Blogger Spotlight: Sharon Mundia

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Hellurrrr…:) Merry ‘Friyay’ to you beautiful people!! I swear I’ve come to really look forward to every time I spend with you. Mushy ehh…hehehe. I love you too. Right! Remember when I told you its always great to walk with someone, friend or family? I wasn’t joking, no. Especially when you find the right person(s), its such an amazing feeling. On my journey of discovering my style (I’m still discovering), I met a few bloggers, stylists, fashionistas, who inspire and kinda mirror my style. One of them is Sharon Mundia!! She’s a 26 year old Kenyan whom I’ve really come to love and admire. Her style, the pretty pieces she wears, how effortlessly she pulls them off..*sigh*. Her simplicity just calms a ragging storm. I know, I really do love her..*covers face*. She runs her own blog at and its a gold mine there I swear!

I discovered her awhile ago and since then I’ve been stuck on her. Its not just her style that speaks to me, its the personality behind it. She believes fashion isn’t necessarily about being trendy or cute but an expression of ones character. She loves blogging and travelling as well. Its always a pleasure following her adventures. You should try that as well. Once she said her goal is to inspire women to build and celebrate themselves and be the best they can possibly be. I know right! She sounds like me!!…*giggles*

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Did I mention she looks like me as well? Take a good look at them pictures. You don’t think so? Dunno what you saying mehnn, I’m sure Sharon is my twinny. Imma go ask my momma..hehehe.

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Oh yea she’s engaged…be warned guys…*tongue out*

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Did you enjoy this feature?? I intend to feature bloggers every third Friday of the month. Would you love that? Please hit me up in the comment section below!

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better!

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