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Little Black Dress

Little black dress

lady in black

Hellurrr.. 🙂 Hope our month is off to a great start!!! It’s still safe to say happy new month eh? With this little black dress, I say welcome July! Hehehe… It’s the second half of the year and I must confess I have lots of expectations!! I’m sure you do too. Yet I have even more to be grateful for…is God incredibly good or what? You’ve got to let Him take the front seat in this second half and beyond and watch Him surprise you!

Somebody say Friyayy!!..I know right. This weekend is going to be really busy for me. A friend of mine is getting hitched and I’m her maid of honour..yaaayyy. You should follow me on IG, twitter, and Facebook to get scoop on that. Also, its day 2 of the ’30 day no meat, only water’ challenge. Did I tell you about that?? Oh no?…you see why you should totally follow me on social media?? Hehehe… Anyways a few friends and I have decided to take just water (no tea,juice,yoghurt) and eat our foods without meat. Hmmm…my first day was lovely. Ask Beauty in Lagos who has tried this therapy before. Her skin testifies of the wonders of water!! My metabolism rate has already increased significantly. I can’t wait to see what 30 days will do to this body. Who wants to join???

So I teamed up with an online retail outlet Fashion Essence to bring you this one. She has really amazing pieces. I’ve got a good number of stuff from her and they were affordable! I went for a simple look with the all black gown and minimal accessories so I can let the shoe do all the talking. Did I hear you gasp?? Yaassss!!! I got those from Fashion essence as well. When I saw it I knew I couldn’t just pass by. Oh no. Watch out guys…imma be rocking this shoe a lot..hehehe.

little black dress

Black dress

little black dressblack dresslady in redlittle black dress

red shoes

Can you notice a change in the picture styles? Yasss!!! Sadly my realest guys may16th, were unavailable so I asked my friend Tito and he obliged!! Took time outta his busy schedule to do this for me…yall show him some love for me plsss…hehehe…hope you enjoy this piece. Have a lovely weekend!!

black dress

little black dress

Photography: Eniola Tito Aburime photography

Shoes: Jojocat, gotten from Fashion Essence

Dress: QX, gotten from Fashion Essence

Watch: Invicta

Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo


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