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Love And Other Spices

love and other spices

Hellurrr…:).. For some reasons i’m feeling all kinda ways as i write this. Maybe its the “matrimony” song by Usher and Wale i just fell in love with. Or maybe its the great news of the engagement of two of my friends. Or maybe its the argument i had with a colleague some moments ago on love and marriage. Or maybe its just hormones. Hehehe. What can I say, I love LOVE. But today I just want to write away and hope someone takes a thing or two home. While we argued he tried to justify (unknowingly) why people cheat and blamed it on a number of things, one of which is lack of interest and ‘spark’, especially in a long term relationship. Hmmm…

I’m no expert aii, so take that disclaimer to the bank. But I do take pride in learning everyday, thank God for that. And I’ve learnt enough to know that every relationship requires continuous effort to keep the wheels spinning. Its not enough to just get hooked, you need some juice to stay hooked. No I don’t mean sex. Theres only so much it can do. For the folks who aren’t married then your list is even lesser as I’m not an advocate for pre-marital sex. What then can be done? Off the top of your head I’m sure going on exotic trips jump out, and thats awesome, but what about those who can’t really afford that yet?

There are cheaper spices, lovelies. While you’re in close proximity what can be done to add a lil flavour?

Turn Off Your Phone!!!

love and other spices 4

This image i stumbled upon cracked me up so bad!

Were you expecting something else? Hehehehe..believe me it’ll amaze you the amount of things you miss in your partner while you’re buried in your phone. Once i was in traffic on the busy streets of Lagos. I’m mostly reserved (most people don’t believe that *side eye*) so when i’m not talking, I’m writing or just plain observing my surroundings and the people in it, which i do a lot. So on this day going back home from work, I saw this cute couple in their car and for the 15mins I was pulled up besides them they are buried in their phones! Shouldn’t the after-work-hour, be for catching up and actually talking? Hmm..Sometimes I miss the days before social media..*wipes tear*. Take your time to communicate guys. In. Real. Life.

Send Love Notes…

love and other spices

Yomi and Alaba Nikoro..iLove!!

I feel like a love doctor already but does anyone miss the days of love letters? I do!! And I’m sure I’m in good company. Sometimes be unpredictable and do something touching like leave a hand written note in his jacket or her purse or whisper sweet things in his/ear. The beauty you find in these lil things…*sigh*

Work It Out!!

love and other spices

They say those that work out together, stay together…hehehe. Well there’s no harm in trying! Get your kicks out and take that run together. Make it a habit too. if you’re not one to work out then learn to do something together. See a movie, cook together, learn a sport, anything. Just do something together, habitually.

Get A Common Ground..

love and other spices 2

There’s something amazing about having a common denominator on which to build solid bonds and conversations. It brings freedom and realness into the mix. Talk travels, talk food, talk people, talk God, talk, talk and keep talking. As long as you’re not God, you can’t see the next person’s heart so the only way to know whats buried within is keep talking, listening and being sensitive.

Go 100!

love and other spices

I just Love Tara and Fela Durotoye’s love!!

Either you go all in or don’t go in at all. Yea i said it. No need having your first name Luke and your last name Warm. If you’ve decided to be with your partner then BE with him/her. Zone out all the negativity that flies around, and you do have my permission to imagine you and your partner are the only ones in the world. Oh you should learn as much as you can from other people and have valuable networks but keep it to just the positives.Give it your all folks, with-holding nothing!

Hmmm…so whats the taste like in your mouth? Spicy enough yet? I had so much fun writing this, hope you had as much fun reading it as well…Should we continue this segment? What other tips do you want to share?? Your feedback is gold to me, you know that right..

Let’s remember to live. love. laugh. and look better.

*hugs and kisses*


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