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Never Walk Alone


Hellurrr…:) Have you heard ‘Never Once’ by Matt Redman? Awesome song! You should definitely listen. Its quite an interesting day for me as I thought about a lot of things before writing this. Choosing a title was a chore in itself, but we overcame!! Not a fashion post per se, but one on friendships. I know its not world friendship day yet, but hey..we make the rules.hehehe. So some weeks ago I told you about the water challenge some friends and I embarked on. The deal is taking no other liquid but water, and desisting from red meat. Its been a healthy choice so far, but believe me, I wouldn’t have taken it seriously if I didn’t have a ‘cloud of witnesses’ to monitor and inspire me.

Really there’s something amazing about working with a team. I don’t know how people ride solo but guys, its never best to walk alone. Once I heard an African proverb that reads ‘if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together’. Even our Almighty God walks in 3! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there are battles you’ll need to fight alone, and you may just prefer to walk with just God. Great. One with God indeed is many. But if I should advice, sometimes just take a friend or two along. Whether its a ride or die chic, or a friend you just met some days ago, be free to trust a little. Never walk alone.

So the water challenge group decided to meet up and have a good laugh over our journey so far. Funny thing is I never knew most of these people before we started this. We just met on a group 22days ago, and it seems we’ve known for ages!! You have no idea how this amazes me. Like where have they been all my life? hehehe. Anyway, we had a blast! TerraCulture has some of the most amazing dishes. Ofcourse we stuck to just water and no red meat. Where friends are gathered, be sure to see an abundance of laughter, awe, pictures (most of which weren’t so clear, I apologise) and food!





To those who recline in the safety of their shells, I say come out a lil and feel the breeze on your cheek. make a new friend and have a drink on me…hehehe. To Laiza, Ukay, Ugo, Nedu, Emeka, Seun, Blessing, Kemi, Presh, Booms, Anwuli, Becks, Mimi, Genny, Yings, Ikay, Jeph, Angie, Chi, and Zee I raise my glass of water to y’all. Glad to have met you lovelies!! To old friends, you know I can’t mention y’all here or the post would be too long but I got mad love for you. And to those yet to join in the challenge…Hellurrrr…

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Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better!

*hugs and kisses*


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