MANday 04: How to rock a striped shirt

MANday …How to rock your striped dress shirts

striped shirt

Hellurrr….hope we had an amazing weekend?? I did!! My friend Phebs got married and it was an amazing event. I danced like there was no tomorrow..hehehe. But then Monday came all too quickly *sigh*.. It’s Manday though so I’m excited!! Yaayy!! So we talked shoes, ties and beards now let’s talk shirts. I’m a sucker for finely dressed men so if I can help get your fine self looking better, why not!! I stand to gain more eye candy..hehehe.

Lots of guys seem to wear plain colored shirts either to stay safe or due to lack of adventure. Let’s burst the envelope a bit and do something fun with your wardrobe shall we?
Stripes!!! A man has got to have at least three of these in his wardrobe. But then again, it isn’t what you have that limits you, it’s what you have but don’t know how to use….hehehe. Ask the phenomenal Steve Harris. So let’s get down to knowing how best to rock your strips!

micheal douglas

Micheal Douglas

1. Horizontal Stripes:
Yea I said it. Horizontal stripes. Again I love a bit of adventure but if you’re not the kind you should stir clear of these. It was first noticeably worn in the 1930’s and then by Micheal Douglas in Wall Street (1987) but it’s not a totally bad idea if you know how to style it properly. It’s not very commonly seen but you can dare to be different. It generally widens the width of the body and no one really wants that (except you’re really slim). However, some would rather wear these striped shirts at informal gatherings but I dare say with a bold or plain colored tie and maybe suspenders if you’re the type, you can rock it quite stylishly.

striped shirt

2. Vertical stripes:
Now we’re back to your comfort zone ehh. As much as this is the readily worn option, some still get it wrong. Well good thing you’re reading this. Be careful to pick one with the right colour that fits your tone. Vertical striped shirts do well in creating an illusion of a tall person. So if you’re a bit ‘down-to-earth’ then you should stick to the vertical stripes. *winks*

thin striped shirt

3. Thin stripes:
I’ll assume you’re sticking to the verticals but either way vertical or horizontal, thin stripes are the more stylish ones. Bold stripes are a tad outdated and are quite heavy on the eyes. Generally the accepted width of these stripes is less than an inch, but you can still do an inch but no more. We don’t want you looking like a billboard in the office now do we?

4. Colour choices:
You can easily go wrong with this. Its quite a thin line here so fellas you’ve got to be careful not to go overboard. There’s really no rule to say you must stay away from one colour or the other, you just have to go with what you feel good and comfortable in. However, I’ll add that you avoid pairing complimentary colours (colour that are close to each other on the colour wheel) or contrasting colours like red/green or yellow/purple. Have mercy on our eyes honey..

striped shirt

5. Mixed Stripes:
At first it was difficult for me to think you can ever mix stripes and look good but some have done it awesomely well! Trick is to mix varying width/weight of stripes. No more should you say to yourself that anything goes. No it doesn’t! But stripe mixing is good for your fashion health. *wink*

Since its man crush monday anyway, can we just crush on the ever stylish Chuck Bass of Gossip girls??

chuck bass

Hope you enjoyed this post. How do you rock your own stripes??

*hugs and kisses*

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