7 sure ways to being the perfect wedding guest


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Hellurrr….so it’s Friday and pretty much nobody went to the office! Yayyy! Eku eid el Kabir ooo! Trust so far your week has been awesome. Mine has! I do apologise fir the late post. I’m sorrryyyy!!! 🙁

By God’s grace it’ll be saturday tomorrow and love birds will be tieing the knot. I can already smell the wedding rice already!…hehehe. Ok let’s be serious, cos going to weddings is actually a big deal to most of us. Some believe they’ll be meeting old friends there, or finding a missing rib..whatever the case, we all want to look good. And I’m here to help you look your best!! Like every other events, weddings are avenues through which you make impressions. So let’s make a banging one already! Here are 7 sure tips on being the perfect wedding guest.

1. Dress for the ‘white house’– Most folks like to go the Aseobi route for wedding outfits but I’m a sucker for wearing English pieces for white weddings at least. I just feel it goes with the theme ‘white wedding’. Whatever you choose to wear, please go an extra mile. Let your outfit be clean and properly ironed. Imagine you were meeting Obama at the venue. Get friends, genuine friends, to ‘proof-view’ your outfit too before the day. Goal is to look tres belle, that someone remembers you even days after the event.

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2. Hair, Lips and Finger tips– Hehehe, I laugh because sometimes I fail here. But we can be better. You don’t have to wear expensive hair or go to a makeup studio to get fixed. If your hair is pretty natural, wear it stylishly. Straighten, moisturize, and style neatly. You can adorn a pretty hat to go with your outfit if that’s your taste. Your nails can be natural if you wish or fixed, either way, keep it clean. No chipped nails babes..no no. Makeup is always a tricky part for ladies. Honey, YouTube is your friend. The last wedding I attended I didn’t have the funds at the time to go get a MUA, I simply watched some videos and read a bit on my girl Iamdodos beauty blog and I was good to go! Try that too hun…thank me later.

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Ezinne of zinkata.com

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3. Go with a goodie bag– Most people don’t do this. I had to learn this habit recently. You don’t have to break a bank for this. A frame, lingerie, honeymoon outfits, culinary sets, whatever it may be, however little could make a difference. Go with a gift guys. Anything. You could come out and do the typical Nigerian thing, ‘spray the Benjamin’s’. I hope that’s no longer a crime. Lool. Sending your gifts before the day itself is also wise so you don’t saddle yourself with so much load and dampen the swag of your looks. *winks*

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4. Moderation is Bae – Don’t look away just yet, I know some of us are guilty of this. Exposing too much skin at a wedding..*covers eyes* No No pls. I don’t tolerate it at any gathering anyway but a special warning has to be sound for weddings. It’s someone’s special day, why go all Lady Gaga? I love yall too much to want to see you strip low your bride price, anything less than perfect. If you’re the highly endowed lady, don’t wear too short dresses for instance. I believe you can look as classy and sophisticated as Jennifer Lopez with your clothes on! So be modest hun.

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5. Light up the air– With this I mean be sure to smell good. I don’t mean go choke your neighbour but be sure to smell like heaven on earth.

6. Mingle and giggle– One reason I love weddings is because of the happy faces I see gathered in a place at the same time. So when you’ve dressed all nice and you smell like a million bucks, mingle and giggle. I always prefer to attend weddings with at least one person but even if you can’t get a friend to go with you, get your smile game on and speak to that cute guy across the table. Hmm…you never know!! *wink*

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7. Shine bright like a diamond- After the drama of getting all dolled up, don’t be scared to shine boo. Smile like you’re paid a million bucks to do so and wear your confidence like a BOSS!. Let it feel like the son or daughter of a president just walked in. I mean you’re one already though. You are a child of God ain’t you? So shine guys!!

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For my androgynous friends like Cassie Daves!!

Now…which styles will you be rocking for the next wedding??

I’ll be back lovelies, till then do live, love, laugh and look better.

*hugs and kisses*

Pictures: Aisleperfect.com, Me .

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