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Under My Umbrella

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Hellur!!…Its been an incredibly amazing yet tasking couple of days!! I feel like I’ve crossed seven seas to get to you!! Nevertheless hope we’re gearing up for the weekend? I am! I’ve been at the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, TEEP, for the past few days and its been both tasking and fun. No I’m not going to talk about it here today but do stay tuned for a more detailed post later. *wink*
Have you ever felt like you’re being forced into a box? I literally feel like that right now. It’s just crazy when folks try to force down their definition of right or proper down your throat, Or feel like their methods are the only legit ones and yours are just a pack of horsesh*t….hmm.. Truth is, we face these kinda people every blessed day. It’s not like they’re bad, I just like to think they’re not in your zone. No matter what you think they know, do yourself a huge favour and don’t chisel your life after someone else’s blueprint. As I’ve learnt, stay in your natural habitat and learn to grow. You’ll blossom like you can no where else. That said, can I pls share this amazing find with you? Yayyy!

This skirt reminds me of an umbrella, literally. Ironically it was raining a bit on this day. The hurdles Tito and I scaled to have this shoot done..*sigh*..

The flare skirt has been around for awhile and it doesn’t look like its stepping off the stage anytime soon. I got this from Fashion Essence and I’ve worn it with pride since!! I feel like I’m walking on water. I’ve had a thing for subtle crop tops and this off shoulder piece was just perfect. It gave a soft yet classy feel to the look don’t you think? The beauty of this skirt is also in the diverse ways in which it can be worn. Dressed up as seen here, down with sandals and white bodice perhaps or ‘middle’ with a casual tee and black plimsolls…*wink* How would you pair this gorgeous skirt if she was sitting on your laps right now? I’ll love to know!

Under my umbrella




Under my umbrella

Tito did an amazing job ehh…hehehe..

Photography: Eniola Tito Aburime Photography

Top: Fashion Essence

Skirt: Fashion Essence

Shoes: Zara

Watch: Swatch

See you at the next post and don’t forget to live, love, laugh and look better!!

*hugs and kisses*


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