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Because I’m Happy

Hellurrr…come along, if you feel like a room without a roof, because I’m happyyyy…Pharrell blew off the roof with that song, really. If you haven’t heard the song Happy, then you must have been born yesterday. If that’s the case, how are you reading this post? Ok seriously, you should listen and get in the groove!! I mean, it’s Friday!! Well that’s not the only reason I’m happy. Have you ever felt like you’re in the eye of a storm? Like the waves are bellowing hard but you just can’t be bothered cos really there’s not much left for you to do…so you just praise in the storm! Aha! Can I share with you 10 things I’m really happy about? Since you asked I’ll share. Remember when I talked about the #LK30days challenge here? Basically this month we’re reading a great book, drinking water, and listing out 10 things we’re grateful for daily. Well, let’s get right to it.


-I’m grateful for grace and salvation. Like where will I be without these beautiful gifts?
-I’m grateful for my family. God has been faithful!
-I’m grateful for my finances, like who woulda thought I’ll still be here??
-I’m grateful for friends that found me even when I wasn’t looking. I look at my friends and I’m doubly convinced God really loves me. Like what?? All this great people around me?? There MUST be a God.
-I’m grateful for this forum and the people I’ve met through it. You guys are just immaculately sublime!!
-I’m grateful for the ability to love and grow in love. You’d think its an easy thing to do, until you’ve been burnt so bad.
-I’m grateful for nature. I look at the skies and I’m like waaaawuuuu! God is incredibly creative!! You mean He created all that??
-I’m grateful for my job and the food on my table. Some don’t even have enough to keep their strength. I’m indeed grateful.
-I’m grateful for photography. Oh boy…the pretty lil joy it brings…
-I’m grateful for the magic in the sounds of music!! Last night, the music saved my life! More like every night…hehehe.

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What are you grateful for?? It’s not too little to be ecstatically happy about it…so go on and drop a happy line below.

Happy 2

In the spirit of happiness, I had this shoot. It was all shades of fun! Got this amazing number from Style Republiq, formerly Fashion Essence. I rocked some pieces from them here and here. But I think this is one of my favorite buy. I looked so chic in this, don’t you think?

Happy 5

Happy 3


Happy 4

And it’s a wrap lovelies. Don’t forget to drop a comment and stay happy. Be grateful. Live,love,laugh, and look better.
*hugs and kisses*

Photography: Fidel
Dress: Missie (StylebRepubliq)
Shoes: CentrShoes (StylebRepubliq)


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