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Blogger Spotlight: Wendy Nguyen

Hellurrr…so what happened this week? How productive were you? Its Friday already so if you didn’t do much, well, you still have a few days left. I think mine has been pretty awesome. Between blogging, writing, photography and keeping up with the Kardashians social media, I managed to get a bit of work done. Yippe!! So it’s another Friday and we’re crushing on another blogger! Last month we started with my twinnie, Sharon Mundia here, this month, its Wendy Nguyen!

wendy 4

(Top-Burberry, Skirt-Asos, Bag-Valentino, shoes Louboutin)

I was first introduced to this lovely Vietnamese by a friend Laiza, and since then I haven’t stopped following her blog! It’s such a wonder how bloggers can get so far in the west..hmmm…there’s hope for us. Amen. But seriously this woman inspires me to the moon and back. Who says you can’t be incredible and impactful with fashion and blogging? Oya pinch yourself…hehehe… but really whoever says you can’t be all you can be or that your dreams are laughable, pls walk on by and dust the dirt off your feet. Don’t go near that person again! Wendy was a foster kid and had to carry her belongings in a trash bag and at the age of 18, she still had worries on where to lay her head at night. That inspired her love for juvenile justice and volunteering at prisons to work with incarcerated youths cos they shared the same history. Who woulda thought that this woman would someday do a 4 minutes fashion related video on YouTube and rake in 25 million views??!!!! Or be featured on Forbes???!!! I swear I get emotional when I read on her. Hold on…*grabs a tissue*

wendy 3

(Top-Finders Keepers, Pants-Asos, Bag-Proenza Schouler)

It’s not just what she’s achieved that inspires me but her simple personality that her writing exudes. Not to mention her style. I love how she plays with colours to bring out simply amazing masterpieces. Don’t you agree? She runs a blog here, you should totally visit and be inspired. You’ll be able to tell why I love her this much.

wendy 2

(Vest-Marissa Webb, dress-Cameo, shoe Manolo Blahnik, Bag-Fendi)

The thought that goes into pairing every piece and creating a blog post is immaculate. You can’t take excellence for granted though, it somehow sets you apart in great measures. You really don’t want to stay mediocre for long. Can someone take me to LA already so I can meet with this amazon?hehehe

wendy 1

(dress-Asos, Jacket-Theory, shoes-Stuart Weitzman, bag-Valentino, Belt-Chloe)

If you’re not ridiculously inspired by her outfits, Lord knows I am, then pls her story should do the honours. She’s never allowed her past define her future and that’s really a major lesson for me. Who else is loving Wendy like I am?

wendy 5

(Jacket-Burberry, top-Wendy’s LookBook, Skirt-Devon London, shoes-Louboutin, bag-Chloe)

I wish I didn’t have to stop now. Well there’ll be another edition next month, God willing. Who do you think I’ll be featuring next? Clue: Nigerian. From Wendy and I (hehehehe famzing mode activated), live, love, laugh, look better!!


(top-merissa web, jeans-Zara, bag-Celine, neckpiece-dylanlex.)

*hugs and kisses*

Pictures: Wendy


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