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Dress Like A Lady, Act Like A Boss

dress like a dady

i think @styleismything dresses like the perfect lady..!

Hellurr beautiful people!!! Its International Youth Day!!! Not like thats adding any zeroes to my account, wildly celebrated here but I thought to let you know…hehehe.

In the spirit of staying forever young, can we just talk a bit about how to dress properly? Like a lady? I was reading some stuff in preparation for you guys and I saw something that made me laugh more than I should! It read ‘it takes 7 generations to make a lady’. You see why I laughed? But can you blame the author though? Young people don’t know how to be a lady anymore, much less dress like one. While everyone is trying to be Kim Kardashian (and I don’t judge that woman, she’s handling her business) very few are really investing in their minds. It takes more than your pretty eyes and sumptuous hips to be a lady. Ask the Princess Catherine.

dress like a lady 2

This is one stlylish couple!

A lot has changed so dramatically in the past few years that the definition of a lady has gone twisted in the minds of our youth. Candice Simpson, in her book “How to be a lady” shared that a lady by today’s definition knows that educating herself in every way possible, from higher education to the common sense manners, empowers her to become a woman of accomplishment and poise. She knows it is not her dress size or the money she possess that brings her satisfaction in life. A lady knows that beauty and wealth can be fleeting, but her inner character is the measure by which others will ultimately judge her as a person.

dress like a lady 3

@stylepantry dishing out some style vibes for the ladies

You want my advice? Read as much as your brains can carry, be yourself, dress like today was your last day, and act like the Queen answers to you! Gone are the days when you had to break into a Louis Vuitton store to look good. You really don’t need all that cash to stay classy. You also don’t need to expose 100 pounds of flesh to prove to the world that you’re hot. Trust me we can feel the heat even with all your clothes on.

dress like a lady


I could go on and on about how a lady shouldn’t curse, or be rude, or talk loudly, or laugh raucously, or wear revealing clothes. Or I could say how a lady should sit properly or have self-respect, or be wise and intelligent, or be a leader, or have class but I won’t…hehehe..I already did right? My point is I won’t list out 10 tips or 7 rules or 5 shortcuts to be a lady, I’ll simple let you know you need to work it. The Proverbs 31 lady (the ideal lady) wasn’t born that way, she was made.

Dress like a lady

Forever young…hehehe

When you think of a lady, you think of how she courtesies, how she holds herself and others in high esteem, how thoughtful she is, how she leads, how she dresses in the most classy way. She’s a lot of things but she’s not shabby, immodest, callous or disrespectful. While we celebrate our youthfulness, lets not cast away an opportunity to be our best selves. Dress like a lady, act like the boss! You know I love y’all right?

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better!!

Photography: Ugo Nwizu



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