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How To Choose The Right Eye Wear



Hellurrr…Happy Wednesday!! Have you ever felt really excited just because its a new day?? Oh that’s exactly how I feel right now. May I just say right now, that I’m super duper excited to have you guys in my community. Like seriously. This wouldn’t really be a thing if not for you. Its barely 8weeks since we launched and its been so amazing. Long way to go but hey, we’ll get there together yea? Can I get an Amen over there? Thank you!!

Its in that same vein I really want to appreciate Cathy, my former colleague and friend who’s been really supportive. Its one thing to write, its another thing to have someone read and value every piece you write! She even suggests topics for me, like this one. And I’ve decided to do it justice! I pray I do..*silently praying*. So if you want me to cover any fashion topic or address a need pls drop it in the comment section below..*kisses*

So she was like she hardly knows how to pick the right frames or eye wear for her face and I thought hey, lots of us do have that same problem. First thing is to decide what kind of face structure you do have. Yea I know folks throw different terms at you like oval shaped, square shaped, oblong, hexagonal sef..lool..but really the easiest way is to stand in front of a mirror and with your lipstick,(not the expensive ones though), draw out the image of your face on the mirror then step back. What do you see? Round? Square? Heart-shape? Take your time boo..

Basically the shapes fall within 4 categories, Round, Oval, Heart, and Square shaped.

Oval Shaped Lovelies

eye wear

You’d notice that your forehead and chin are both narrow and your cheeks wide. Eye wears that are geometric, round or cat-eye in shape will best suit your facial structure. So play around that.

Round Shaped Darlings

eye wear

No you don’t have a fat face like they tell you. If you see your forehead is rounded, cheek wide and chin rounded as well, you have a pretty round face. Pick an eye wear that flatters your face, cat-eye shaped maybe? Try to avoid over-sized framed though.

Heart-shaped Diamonds

eye wear

It feels like mostly the petite ones have such shape of face. Just an observation. These guys have wide foreheads, wide cheeks and narrow chin. Its hard to miss it. Almost all frames go with this shape (round, over-size, cat-eye) but avoid thin frames. They don’t look too good on hearts.

Square-shaped Amazons

eye wear

Hehehe..I’m actually giggling at the term ‘amazon’ I use to describe this category. But really its a strong feature and I really admire this face structure. Here, every part is wide, forehead, cheek and chin. They go all out! Round frames go well with these guys but angular frames, not so well. So avoid them ok.

eye wear

@iamdodos knows how to pick them!

eye wear

the oval shape faced princess @tolujohnsonn

You like what you see?? So I didn’t post a picture of me in an eyewear cos I didn’t find one pretty enough for you guys..lool..but I owe you one. In case your wondering where to get really lovely frames at affordable rates you can check out Dapmod or the5kshop. They should treat your face real nice. I hope you enjoyed this post.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Look. Better!

Picture credit: Shapesdaddy, Dapmod


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