How To Kill That Shoe Smell

Hellurrr…I’ve got a song on my lips this morning…‘Life Song’ by Casting Crown. Heard of them? They’re like doubly amazing and this song just makes me want to stay cuddled in God’s arms…lool..what song is on your lips this morning? Pls share!!  I’m a little under the weather, but hey, the party must go on! Say a prayer for me though, will you?

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So some time ago I was taking a bus back home from Abuja. Myself and my dad (superman) had gone to JAMB office to challenge some discrepancies in my result (story for another day), but somehow he had to leave a day earlier for some business appointment, hence I took the bus alone. I sat next to this young man who thought, hey its a 7 hour ride so I might as well get comfortable. Then. It. Happened! He took off his shoes…#faints#. People, you better believe there is a God, because how I survived the next 6 hours was entirely miraculous!

Fast forward years later, and I still see folks struggling with this challenge. Now I get that we run a very hectic schedule and the weather is anything but friendly so we get to sweat a lot more than usual. That’s fine. It happens to the best of us. But there are ways to kill that smell in your shoe. I mean, murder it. Relax, I’ll share ok…


I should start by sharing what the possible cause of the problem is right? Research say it could be from the overuse of a particular shoe, bacterial or fungal infection, lack of aeration among others. Whatever the case, these tips should help put a smile on your shoe-face…hehehe

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Use Baking Soda

I’ve never tried this one but it is said that sprinkling some baking soda in your shoes after you take them off, and taking them out the next morning when you want to use the pair again does wonders. Wanna try it?


Try Dry Tea Bags

Seriously this one is really easy and simple. We can easily get tea bags if baking soda is a bit out of our reach. I’ve tried this one and it works! When you do try this, do give feedback ok?

Freeze Your Shoe

I swear, I can almost hear you laugh. But really think about it. Most fungi or bacteria can’t survive very low temperatures. So bagging your shoe and putting in your freezer should do the trick. Just don’t put it next to your turkey.

Use Baby Powder

Instead of crucifying the poor shoe for smelling so bad, why not sprinkle a bit of baby powder on your feet before putting your shoe on? Hmm…#Selah…lol

Use Water and Vinegar

I haven’t tried this too as I’m too lazy to get vinegar. lol. But you can spray the insides of your shoe with a mix of water and vinegar.

shoes odour 6

Use Orange Peels

I’m so going to try this next. It comes highly recommended! Just leave orange peels in your shoes overnight and voila…your shoes will be smelling as fresh as ever in the morning! Who can’t get access to orange peels eh?

Raise your hands in the air if this post helped you in some way. Better still pls drop a comment!!

Thanks for reading lovelies.

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

*hugs and kisses*

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  1. Nnamdi Nwobu says:

    lol…i think i’ll try the tea bags option…easy to come buy…am soooo loving this post..await my feedback had better work….my shoe no dey smell shaaa …lolz

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