MANday 10: Eating Smart

Hellurrrr…is anybody home?? There must have been so much fun last weekend with the Hennessy and many more events that went down. At least on this side of town. And yes I do know what you did last weekend….eating all sorts..hmmm… Thank goodness its MANday…hehehe.

Well one of you special readers in need of the magical arms, eye-watering abs and mega fast brains, asked that I give a few tips on how men can exercise right but I thought..hmmm…why not start first with how men can eat right and smartly. I mean, you are what you eat right? I know most of our men are quick to eat the apples, coconuts, carrots and all. That’s great. But how smart is that? Alright, so I put up a little list of what you macho men can eat to stay macho especially with the new month knocking so loudly now. What good is looking stylish if you’re not exercising and eating smart?

eating smart 9

  • Turkey– Especially the breast, has an amazing effect. Its rich in vitamin B, amino acid, zinc and selenium which helps fight cancer. Say bye to read meat!!

eating smart 5

  • Honey– I found out that most athletes consume this baby here before their routine to give that burst of energy and needed insulin to boost power speed and endurance. should try it.
  • Olive Oil– I know there’s been a recent crave for it and rightly so! its amazing. Not only does it cut the risk of heart disease (as a monounsaturated fat) it helps fight pain and swellings. Goodbye to ibuprofen and saturated oils…
  • Beans– I know its weird but one of my favourite meals is beans! It’s easily filling and high in fiber and no saturated fat!I can eat a lot and not bother about getting fat! instead of stocking up on rice, rice, rice…do beans, beans, beans…hehehe

eat smart

  • Eggs– An egg a day, keeps the muscle smiling. An egg has a whooping 4 grams of pure muscle-building amino acid! My brother would swallow raw eggs and it used to gross me out but then I saw the effect. Now you don’t have to go raw, however you choose to prepare it, just be sure to add it to your diet everyday.

eat smart 1

  • Sweet Potatoes– These bring tears to my eyes…I so love them. They contain an incredible amount of iron, vitamins C and E and are one of the best foods for muscle recovery after a hefty workout. What more can you ask for from a humble meal eh??

eating smart 2

  • Vegetables– But then you already knew right? You can’t have enough. Spinach, broccoli, just keep having them. They’re great in fibre, iron, calcium and lots of vitamins.

eating smart 3

  • Tomatoes– No it’s not on this list because it’s a great aphrodisiac, it’s just amazing in helping fight diseases especially  those related to prostrate. Now I see why my dad chews on them..hmmm

eating smart 4

  • Oatmeal– A lot of folks have this, cos it helps with weight loss but it’s also great in body building. A breakfast of oatmeal will do amazing things to your body in preparation for that work out routine later. Quick expo…add blue berries. They are absolutely wonderful for your nervous system, helps with quick thinking, better memory and are anti-inflammatory. You’re welcome…hehehe

eating smart 7

  • Water Melon– This isn’t my favourite fruit but its good for relieving muscle soreness. You may want to try them before your workouts. Fresh or as a juice…pick one..*wink*

eating smart 01

  • Salmon– Somebody is excited! I’m not a fan of sea food but I can’t deny the benefits it brings to the table. It’s an excellent source of Omega-3, and is ideal for building muscles and trimming fat.

Yayy…we’re done. How many of you are smiling now?? There are more stuff you can eat but these are my picks. What other foods do you take to maximise the effect of your workout? Pls share. Exercise post will be up on the next MANday aii. Don’t forget a healthy man is an equally styling one. So eat smart and have fun at it.

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

*hugs and kisses*


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