MANday 09: Suit Up!

Hellurrr…it’s Monday again ehh…no worries darlings your weekly dose of MANday just got served! So I was driving past Jakande estate some time ago and I couldn’t help but wonder how the place looked when it was first built. It must have been divine! But then the spirit of ill-maintenance caught up and dealt a hard blow. It pretty much was just a shadow of its former self. Sadly lots of us have let that same spirit deal with our clothes…hmm…can I help you resist that bad maintenance culture?

While we don’t particularly plan to wear an outfit till Jesus returns, it’s just great to have a shoe or suit you’ve spent a handsome sum on, look even nicer and more comfortable with age. It’s all about Harvey Specter, suits today my dear hunks.hehehe..Now I know some of us are engineers and spend more on jeans and some nice shirts but some others work a job that requires they suit up more often than the usual. Even if you’re an engineer or a Formula One racer, (by the way congrats to Lewis Hamilton!!) owning a pair of suit or 2 is a must! Yes I said so. Whether your suit is as much as $1000 or as humble as $100, owning it isn’t really the gig, maintaining it, is the main ish. It really could go a long way in prolonging its lifespan and enhancing its look!


First, Get the right size

Now I know the fine gentle men want to look all fitted and well suited but if you don’t get your right size, it could start wearing out, way earlier than expected. So be sure to get the right size so maintaining becomes easier.

suit 4

Have more than 1 suit and get spare trousers

It really is a good investment. Really. I don’t mean clear out Ermenegildo Zegna’s store but 3 or 4 extras (depending on your kinda job) will help reduce stress on each pair. You could also own a few other trousers. Who knows, they could come in handy.

Use your original tailor

I know a few designers who won’t fit or mend a suit made by another designer. And we don’t know that the local tailors will do a good job with your suit when it needs mending. So that kinda poses a challenge when you can’t access Tom Ford or Hugo Boss or Gucci to have that mending done. So you may want to use easily accessible and equally great designers like Ouch, David Wej, Fujah. Can I just add that I’m incredibly proud of our Nigerian suit designers?? I see their works and honestly, they good! Anyway, point is, use your original tailor or a really really good tailor when you need to mend your suit.

suit 1

Don’t use your flap pockets

Aha for those of us who have itchy hands. Not only will you look a bit tacky, it gives a swell to the pockets and stretches the fibre when you put your hands or items in your flap pockets. So I’ll advice you leave it alone.


suit 3

Use a clothe brush instead of dry cleaning.

I know some of us are Snow White’s older brother and like to have our suits clean every blessed time. Hehehe..its not a bad thing lovelies..You can get that without washing or dry cleaning with every wear. It usually hurts the natural fibre and takes some years off. Instead soft clean with water and a soft towel or a clothe brush. You’ll get an equally great result. Ideally, you should dry clean once in 6 months.


Use a wooden hanger

Yes indeed! This helps absorb moisture and keep the shoulder of your suit in shape. A plastic one with very defined edges will also work. But say goodnight to those iron hangers.

suit 2

Steamer is Bae

You know that annoying sheen you see on your friends suit? That’s the handwork of a dry iron. Don’t do that plss. Instead use a steamer for your suit. It miraculously extends the life of your suit. Miraculous I know!

suit 5

Store Properly

If your suit closet looks like that, pls hola at your girl..hehehe..we may have some business to discuss. But really its imperative that we store properly. Hang your suit out, in a dry place and be sure it’ll sit pretty till your next wear.

That’s all folks! Did you have fun reading this? Pls share your own tips on how you maintain your suits. I’ll love to read! In the spirit of MANday, can we crush on the ever dapper Davidson Frere?? Yaaassss!!


Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better!

*hugs and kisses*

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