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Two Stripes, Three Styles

stripe dressHellurrr…is it me or its a chilly morning? I practically had to drag myself outta bed to get to the office. *sigh* How’s your Friday morning going? Woke up listening to Simply amazing by Todd Dulaney and I couldn’t help but feel really awed at how great our God is. You should totally listen!


Because its Friday, lets make a face!!

So I got this pretty dress form Fashion Essence some weeks ago and I’ve been postponing doing a shoot with it cos I wanted a particular theme and location. Well, remember when I talked about killing the habit of postponing here? I decided to take my own advice and just do it anyway. Turned out great, I think…hehehe. They have really lovely pieces!! OMG! I wore this dress and knew, aint no way in the world I’m dropping it back. I also got this and this from them too.

I really love how this dress flatters my ‘shape’ (in igbo tongue), but I love more how I can style it in different ways and you won’t even know! You could wear it out to a movie with the girls, or to the office, or to a simple dinner with le boo..*wink*

stripes 1

stripes 2

Because I’m HAPPY!!

You know I love it simple so for this look I wore these jelly sandals I got from Debras Grace. I wanted to pair it with a black sneakers but the jelly won my heart. Yayyyy.. but you can try it. Sneakers on your stripes would look so chic!!

stripes 3


stripes 4

…And you say i don’t look like Sharon of Wash your eyes!..hehehe

stripes 5



Next for the corporate look, I paired the lovely gown with this Asos Jacket gifted to me by my friend, Susen handbag, Breckelle shoes and minimal makeup. With this, you can look glam in the office. Less is more…hehehe

stripes 6


stripes 7


stripes 8I have no idea what i was talking to...lizard

Love this look. I think its my favourite. I wore this to church on Sunday and need i say, i couldn’t get my eyes off me!! hahaha…same with a certain you man..shhh..story for another day *tongue out*. Got this skirt through a friend, she got it from a store in the US and its one of my best skirts. Paired it with my Brekelles heeled sandals. I’m beginning to really love colours!! Can you tell??

Which look was your favourite?

Photography: Fidel



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