We’re back home!

Hellur!! Can you feel my excitement on having you back home? Yes!! I feel like Princess Annah in the movie, Frozen, when the gates were finally open! Currently listening to ‘Coming Home’ by Jetta and I’m feeling all kinda ways now. Join me listen, will you? I’m sure you noticed the gates have been closed for some days now cos we had to carry out some maintenance and restructuring. Ok so who loves the new look? You know we did this primarily for you guys right? To serve you better. I like to see this as a new opportunity with which to do things better. I mean thats what UrsulaSebastine is about. Living, loving, laughing, learning and looking better.

back home

You know how you feel like some people are just passing by your space and won’t really add value to you, not because they lack the capacity to, but just because you think they have better things to do? Hmm..I used to feel that way about some folks and I must admit that kinda prevented me from going all out to show kindness. I mean, this person is soon going to walk right outta the door so whats the point wasting emotions..lol..have you been there before? Hmm…how wrong I was! I’ve learnt that you really can’t know  completely who’s here to stay and who’s not. Therefore that shouldn’t stop you from being who you are. The best you can do is show love, kindness and expect nothing in return. You never know who’s watching. Don’t give yourself an excuse to be a snob. Go out, live, show love and learn in the process. It’s a fun ride, believe me!

Alright now we’re back home, we’ll need to add value to each other..hehehe..I’ll need you to subscribe to the blog with the widget at the side cos lots of juicy stuff will be coming your way in the coming month and the subscribers have a higher chance of tapping into this. I’ll also need you to follow UrsulaSebastine on all social media platforms. You’ll find the icons beneath the post. Lets take our love outta the room aii. There’s a lot more fun out there.  And most importantly I’ll need you to tell me what you’ll want to see on the blog henceforth. I know this is an avenue with which to share with you what I learn as I journey through life but I also know, that most of you know even more than I do. So your ideas, suggestions, criticisms (constructive ones biko), contributions in whatever way, would go a long way in making this our little exotic island. Don’t you think? So raise your hands if you’re with me on all this. Better still, drop a comment already!

back home

Need I say, I am immensely, inexplicably, stupendously glad to have you guys on this platform. Who woulda thought we’ll come this far? I’m incredibly grateful to God and my dear friend who helped beautify this blog-room. Can you give him a hug for me? He doesn’t want to be mentioned..*rolls eyes*. And to Dunks for the amazing design, you’re the ‘bestest’. To Hugo for the surprisingly amazing support, plenty hugs and kisses..hehehe..And to you my darling readers, the best is yet to come baybeee…love you too much! *wipes tears*..hehehe

back home

Alright lets get the ideas out into the comment section!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Look. Better!

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