Keep Your Hair Up

Hellurrr…the weekend is closer today than we first believed!! Yay!!!.. Hope your week has been fun so far. Well for me….errrr….it can be better. I’m grateful all the same. Have you ever felt like you’re becoming someone else? Maybe due to an experience from the past or someone in your life? I get that change is constant, and when its a good change its very much welcome, but your core needs to stay true. Your identity MUST not be compromised.

Honestly, I’ve subconsciously let some experiences make some changes to who I am and that’s not supposed to be. I’ve compromised on a few things which some years ago i wouldn’t have EVER thought I would. Anybody felt that way? Good thing is I’ve noted these things and I’m making conscious effort to nip them in the bud. And while I’m doing that, I thought to tell someone to stay true to who they are. No one can do you better than you. No person or experience should drastically change you, except it’s a positive change and you let it/them. Do you, stay true, live well…*wink*


Speaking of changes, i decided to try something new. Wigs!!! I’ve never worn one before. I know its weird. But i always felt like while walking on the street, a terrible wind will blow and the hair will fly off. hehehe. And that if that happens I’d just walk right on like i don’t know what happened. Hahahaha…Lord pls let that never happen to me or my friends reading this. Amen!


So I hooked up with Tonie’s Mane. They have one of the best wigs if you ask me. I went for this Diva wig and I swear to you, I’m loving it! It’s affordable too!! I did a photo shoot for them and saw the different styles of wigs they had and thought to share some of my favorites. You know i do photography too right? So if you want your portrait taken, or your wedding covered, Hola at your

hair 2

hair 3

hair 4

hair 5

hair 6

hair 7

So which ones will you be trying? I’m definitely going to get a longer wig soon. You can follow them on IG @Toniesmane . You’re welcome. Have a lovely week!!

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

*hugs and kisses*

Photography: Ursula Sebastine Studios.

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