Sights About Lagos

Hellurrr…isn’t it funny that some moments ago, I was listening to Travis Greene’s Intentional, having absolutely no idea what I was going to post today and now, I’m so excited about this post. hehehe. No it isn’t intentional. It just so happened.

I grew up being overly protected. If you ask me, what the next two streets from mine is called, I probably won’t know. I probably never knew. It was so bad that when I did go to school, I carried that habit with me. I just didn’t know how to dress up and go out. Like I didn’t understand it. When I moved to Lagos in 2012, I was like ok it’s time to explore! Paint the sky red and the streets blue! But the hustle and bustle of Lagos, work, traffic won’t let ‘someborri’ be great…*sigh*

sights about lagos


Lagos is slowly becoming home to me. I tell friends, I can’t really imagine living somewhere else in Nigeria. It’s just feels……homely. Even with all the traffic, high cost of living, blah bla…I love it like that. hehehe. So I thought, instead of waiting donkey years to go see some sites in Lagos before sharing pictures, I thought to do a post on the places I want to visit in the next few weeks. I have a list. Seriously. That way, I feel you’ll hold me accountable. It’ll ‘ginger’ me to visit these places, and come back to share.

sights about lagos 1

Can you believe I’ve never been to the national theatre?? Like its freaking embarrassing to say..lool. I pass by a couple of times but have never walked in. That’s about to change. Believe that.

sights about Lagos 4

sights about lagos 2

My friend Obehi will be excited about this one. She wants to go on a train ride too!! I know there are newer trains but I kinda still want to try out these old ones. To know what it feels like to sit on something like this. I may even hang on one of the doors!! I can feel the excitement already!!

sights about Lagos 3

I had a not so pleasant memory a few years ago, when I visited the Lekki Conservation Centre. I’ll share that story another day. But since then I kinda said I’d never go back there. You think its time to make a new first impression of that place? hmmm…maybe.

sights about lagos

I know right?? I apologise the picture isn’t so clear. I searched for a clearer one but couldn’t find! I promise you, when I do this, imma share a spanking clean picture. I got over my phobia for water a while ago so I’m good…I think. Water regatta in Lagos? What?? I shall do this!

sights about Lagos 4

sights about Lagos 5

I must be the only one blogger who hasn’t visited Hotel Fahrenheit. *shaking my head*. I know the place is breath-taking. I know. I will take a picture with me in it very soon. Ask me next week later…hehehe.

sights about Lagos 6

There’s been a lot of buzz about Hans and Rene. I love junk food like Nigerians love their jollof rice, but I’ve been watching my weight and cutting on these things. But dear Hans, I shall see you and Rene real soon…*wink*

sights about lagos 7

It woulda been ludicrous if I didn’t mention a restaurant or food spot. lol. Nigerians love food and pretty much all our hangout spots offer food. They just have to. Like what are we doing here if there’s no food?? lool. I don’t mind much though, but Samantha’s Bristo and Grill may just be worth visiting. I’ll let you know how they fare when I do.

sights about lagos 6

Aha! So that’s all on my list on sights about Lagos. Would you be visiting any of these places soon? Stay tuned for reviews on these places. Eko o ni baje! *wink*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

*hugs and kisses*

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