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White Flower

Hellurrr…it’s world food day!! Oh and more excitingly, it’s Friday!!!. Try not to eat too much aii. I don’t know where this title came from, really, but it kinda sounds nice. Maybe from my flowery dress or the white eye on my owl-inspired sling bag. Whichever way, I hope you feel as precious and pristine as a white flower this morning. And the song for the weekend has got to be Uptown Funk. Hehehe. Bruno Mars is Bae.

white flower 6

Dressing up has always been bittersweet for me. Sometimes I’m doubly excited about what to wear, especially because I just got something new, and other times I’m less than stoked because I don’t have the right shoes. Anyone feel the same way?? It’s funny I know, especially when I’m more a less a simple dresser so its not supposed to be that hard, but trust me, it sometimes is. Staring at a wardrobe for hours wondering what exactly to wear, pinging friends to get some inspiration could be a little tiring sometimes. I could even cancel an outing because the shoes I have don’t fit the occasion. *sigh*. Girls. Well in all of it, I still see fun. It’s all feels like white flower on a blue sea, you just have to patiently and gently pick them out. You may not have all the clothes, cars, houses, money you desire..yet..but trust that the God that gave you the imagination to dream such things, has made provision for you somewhere in your future. So like the white flower, lets stay content shall we? No point trying to compare to the red hibiscus.

I still want a huge walk-in closet sha. I may still have the same problem but I still want. Future husband, take note while building…hehehe.

white flower 5

white flower 4

white flower 3

I wore this flower today. It’s a dress I got on sale at Ms Pens store. It didn’t cost so much really, #3000 was all it took. I wore it earlier to a ladies pool hang-out and it was lovely. I loved the simplicity of the dress. Someone said I could hide a pregnancy in that It’s a bit short so I doubt I’ll ever wear it with heels. If you have something like this you could style it with a panty-hose and heels, or throw in a skirt. I went all simple though with my favourite sandals. This purse I got from Style Republiq really causes stares almost overtime I walk on the streets with it. And to think that as a little girl, I hated the sight of owls. One used to perch on our fence at night and I thought it was the creepiest thing ever. Now I love the creature, hence my excitement when I saw this purse.

white flower 2

white flower 1

white flower

Love this dress? Sandal? Purse? You know I got you covered. Drop a comment below or hit me up on social media. Hope you have a great weekend. I’ll be watching..*wink*

Dress: Ms Pens

Sandals: Ocean Club (Debras Grace)

Bag: Style Republiq

Watch: Invicta

Shades: Cartier

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

*hugs and kisses*


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