Dear Child

Dear Child…

Sometimes you won’t want to say Hellurr. Sometimes you’d wake up in the mornings and have almost no reason why your eyes are misty with tears. Sometimes you won’t have the strength to talk to even the best of friends cos you feel they won’t understand. Sometimes you just don’t want to be vulnerable with anyone. You’ll feel too embarrassed to share your wounds and scars for fear of being ridiculed later on. Fret not, it’s only a phase.

Dear child. Sometimes you’ll feel the bitter taste of hate for someone who broke your trust in ages past. You know you don’t want to harbour such dark emotions but you can’t help it sometimes. Sometimes you’ll want to hide underneath the earth’s crust, even if it’s just for a moment. A quiet long moment. Sometimes your family would seem like a burden to you. All they make are demands on you and you’ll wish you could disappear for a while. Yes, I know that feeling. Fret not, this too will pass.

Sometimes your job feels like a nightmare, you want to wake up from it but are too afraid of the reality outside. You can’t understand why your finances can’t put smiles on your face. Sometimes you’d want to help a needy friend but can’t because the job you work, is a shame. Sometimes you’ve done all you can do, but that dream job seems further away with ever passing second. And then you kneel to pray. To honestly pray. But words can’t come out. Sometimes you’ll feel like ‘what’s the point in praying?’. Why pray so hard and see so much evil? You’ll despair sometimes when ashes don’t turn to beauty. How long will you stay is such depressing state, you ask sometimes. Fret not, not too long now.

Dear child. Sometimes you’ll wonder why you still lost that loved one after praying so hard. Really, why? Sometimes you’ll just want to leave everything and everyone behind and go somewhere far. Far away. And start over. It’ll be easier in another country, you’ll say to yourself, sometimes. Sometimes you’ll feel alone in the midst of a cheering crowd. You’ll long for friends but they’ll be too busy fighting their own battles. Hmm.

I’ll tell you what dear child. Be still. There has got to be a reason why your pretty little head faces this much pressure. There’s got to be a reason, your life seemingly looks blurry. There’s got to be a reason why you face such opposition. Much pressure often begets much price. So be still. And know that there still and always will be a God. One that’s bigger than these gloomy phases put together. And He knows. He knows all of your problems so take a moment and rest for a while in His presence. Everything may not change once you pray, but I’m sure you’ll find strength to move on. You’ll find peace in the eye of the storm and a reason to press on. God’s plans for you will never be evil. They always are for good, to get you to a far more exciting place than you are now. He’s getting you ready for that place. Remember that fine silverware you raved on about when you passed the store? How glorious it looked on the shelf? How expensive it is? Interestingly, it went through a fiery furnace to remove all impurity, and was beaten mercilessly to get into the beautiful shape the world now adores. I can’t help but wonder how fine a ‘silverware’ you’ll be when He’s through with you. So hang in there child. Dust your behind when you get up from a fall. Wipe those tears and strut on in those heels even though they’re borrowed. Wear a smile and praise in the middle of the storm. And believe me when I say, dear child, this too will pass. God’s not done yet.

dear child

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

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