MANday 20: The James Bond Man

Hellurrrr…pop your collar boys, its MANday!!! Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. I know I did. I finally got to see Spectre! As you can see from the title, I loved almost every fibre of clothing James Bond wore. I loved them all. I think apart from listening to Christopher Waltz’  funny but enjoyable accent, and drooling over Monica Belluci’s shoes, James Bond’s outfit was what I enjoyed watching the most. Did you notice the new swag to his looks? Mehn James Bond is getting with the program!! I mean the costume designer, Jany Temime, is reading the writings on the wall. Sam Smith got that right! hehhehe. That song is creepy but nice too. I saw the movie with a friend and we couldn’t help but notice the pocket squares, the patterned suits, the play on colours, the lapels, the shades, the wristwatches, the cars, oh Lord the cars!!…hmmm.. James Bond aint joking yo!

SPECTRE, from left: Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux, 2015. ph: Jonathan Olley/©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

I love men’s fashion really. I love how sharp they look when they deliberately decide to look good. I know men’s wear can be a bit boring sometimes especially as they don’t have as much options as we the ladies, but I do appreciate the ones that push the envelope and make something beautiful from the ordinary. The James Bond men! So today we’re being inspired by James Bond. I don’t particularly like Daniel Craig, but in this movie I was really impressed. He wasn’t as uptight as he was in Skyfall. I sensed an increased sense of humour with him, and of course he won me over with his suits. Kudos to his stylist, Jany Temime. The James Bond girl was quite pretty as well. Tall and nice body.*rolls eyes*..but nobody will take the place of Halle Berry in my heart sha. No one! *straight face*.

Now let’s see which of James Bond’s outfit was killer in this Spectre movie. Maybe we could pick up one or two tips.

james bond 6

This dirty-brown suit could really look divine if properly sewn or fitted. I would’ve thought it’d look tacky on a light-skinned man but James Bond wore it finely. You can do same too.

The shades are a killer accessory. Tom Ford knows just how well to design them. The collabo with Tom Ford on this movie shaa! Hmm…You don’t have to wear Tom Ford to nail the James Bond look though. Just take the cue and find something that fits you just perfectly. I did a post earlier here, on the right frames/shades that fit any facial structure.’re welcome..*kisses*.

Guys wear ties now that stop a few inches above the belt. No it doesn’t look silly. James Bond says so.

james bond 7

Not many people do the wrist watch game and it’s a shame. You have no idea how much a nice pair of wrist watch can make or break an outfit. Omega, Rolex, or ‘nameless’..lool.. just wear something that soothes the eye and compliments your look aii. I loved James Bonds watches. Omega here I come.

james bond 5

Oh dear, I loved this look! I think I gasped when I saw him. The bow-tie especially! The lapel too. *sigh* Nuff said.

james bond 1

james bond 0

Check out the shoes and pocket square. I tell you, the 2015 James Bond ain’t joking!

james bond 3

Hehehe. I loved this mask as well. I know Halloween is over but just incase your office or friends are doing some costume party this season, try this mask maybe??

Have you watched Spectre yet? What was the highlight of the new James Bond to you. I’ll love to read from you. Please comment, share, and come back for more.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

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