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MANday 21: Scarves X Men

Hellurrrrrrrr…. *jumps on your desk/bed*. You can tell I’m excited yes? Well, it’s MANday!!!! Can you believe this is the 21st episode? Like we’ve been doing this for the past 20 weeks now! To say I’m grateful is to put it mildly. God has been awesome, and y’all my lovely readers, have been too amazing for words. I feel like writing a song like Beyoncé for y’all now..hehehe. Since I can’t, maybe you should listen to Runnin by Naughty Boy and Beyoncé. From me to you…*kisses*

And now to the strong meat of the day. Scarves!! For the longest time (and I believe some folks still think so), people have attributed the use of scarves to just women. Most people don’t know the amazing wonders a guy can do with a scarf and still maintain his masculinity. The line between men and women fashion is slowly thinning out, I know, but trust me, the scarf in no way makes you less of a man, stylishly.

scarves X men 2

scarves x men 10

I have loved scarves for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager (which wasn’t so long ago…hehehe) I would use the scarf almost everywhere I went. I had bigger arms so I hated to wear sleeveless clothes. When my mum forced me, or I had nothing else to wear, I’d throw on a scarf. They weren’t a fashion item to me at the time, it was just a necessary something. lol. I hid a big tummy, a stain, anything in fact underneath that good old scarf. And then I grew older and lost my attachment to the scarf. But I think that phase is gradually coming back. Not to hide anything now, but to make indelible fashion statements! Guys you can do same too.

scarves X men 1

scarves x men 5

I know a lot of people who will oppose the scarf because they feel the weather is too hot, or it’s too bulky…well, this aint for you. Just sit and read on. But for the others who see what I see in these pictures, let’s make magic..hehehe. The harmattan is almost here and I believe it’s the coolest time of the year. So you can get away with wearing a scarf underneath your coat. For those of us who have offices or go to a church where the air condition (AC) is on a winner-takes-it-all mission, (like my church), scarves should readily be your best friend. hehehe. Scott Disck knows that.

scarves X men 3

I love that you can throw on scarves over a suit, a tee-shirt, a blazer, or denim. I generally prefer plain coloured scarves simply because they’re more versatile and kinda pulls off a clean look. But a little pattern aint bad too.  Simply Be Bold.

scarves x men 7

scarves x men 8

scarves x men 9

scarves X men 0

This has to be my favorite picture here. Johnny Deep can do no wrong. Love him. Man Crush anyone?? hehehe.

scarves x men 11

Maybe I’ll do another post on different ways to tie your scarves…just maybe.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Which look will you be trying soon? I’ll love to hear from y’all. Please drop a comment, like, share and come back for more.

*hugs and kisses*

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