All About This Weekend

Hellurrr….You know me, always smelling the weekend even when it’s miles away. Well I can smell you weekend!! How’s your week going guys?? I’ve had a really amazing weekend, albeit bad drivers in Lagos traffic and a bad light situation in my estate. It’s been a good week so far. Hope yours has been good too. Well, add this pretty little number to the good in your week. This Is Living by Lecrae and Hillsong Young and Free. I love! Trust you will too.

I like to think I’m an introvert, but somehow when I have great company, I like to go out a lot more than I’ll admit. Yea, I know it comes with the life of a blogger, but sometimes I do enjoy it. And so this weekend I’m looking forward to a couple of events. Sadly I can’t attend them all cos the Lagos roads/traffic won’t let us be great. But I can recommend some to you so we split. You go for some and I go for others and we meet back here to share the spoils…shall we?? hehehe.

weekend event 1

First is the Music Meets Runway fashion, entrepreneurship and investment forum going down hard on the 17th. Not exactly the weekend, but close enough. No one needs to tell me how awesome this would be. Tonye Cole (MD Sahara Group), Tara Durotoye (CEO House Of Tara), my real man Mai Atafo (Creative Director Mai Atafo Inspired) and more in one room, sharing entrepreneurship secrets! Honey, I’m coming! If you’ll like to attend, please register here. It’s FREE. I’d love to meet you guys. The main event will hold on the 22nd. Trust me to keep y’all posted.

weekend event 4

weekend event 6

There’s COPA Lagos of course!! I think it’s going to run all through the weekend. I’ve never attended any one, this would be my first. I’m hoping I’ll have lots of fun.

weekend event 7

Oh I hear Trey Songz is coming to town! And here I was, expecting Santa…lol. Anyway it’s Rhythm Unplugged this Friday and I know a ton of people are already gearing up for it. I won’t be there, but in case you’re going, take lots of pictures and don’t forget to tag me..*wink*

weekend events

Who loves Polo??? Aye!! The Captain’s cup kicked off last weekend, but the finals will be happening this weekend. I pray to God I can make it. Back in the day, I used to usher for some of their games…*whew*…how time flies. That’s how I discovered a flair for the game. This will be fun!

weekend events 1

My Favourite NGO is hosting a christmas party for some special kids this weekend as well. Over 10,000 christmas boxes will be given to these kids and your help is needed to get these boxes to them. You’re warmly invited! Don’t forget to come along with a christmas box for one or more kids. Or better still, call a Uber to help pick up your box and deliver to SlumtoSchool on you behalf. Yep, it’s free!! Cant wait to see you there too.

And I also have my dear friends, Ese and Obehi, getting hitched, traditionally, on Sunday! I’m sure it’ll be a lot fun to see old friends again. Keep your eyes on my IG page for pictures!

What will you be up to this weekend?? It’s never too early to plan ahead..hehehe.

Do have an awesome week!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

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