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Christmas Hairstyle Inspiration

Hellurr dolls….A remarkable day to be up and about this christmas holiday! I’ve heard different renditions of christmas carols, christmas songs and I’m really beginning to feel the fever of the season. Traffic is less, shops are kinda fuller than usual. Some are away with family, some are working, some are planning on pampering themselves this season, #selflove. Whichever way, do make an effort to be happy. That’s really all that matters. Yes look incredibly good while at it too. Now I want to listen to Pharell’s Happy song. *sigh*. Enjoy too.

When I was a kid, one of the things I looked forward to was getting new shoes and making a new hairdo. It was the only legitimate time we were allowed to be vain. No shouts to go read your books and all, just for once, go spend 4hours to make your christmas hair. lol. Some of us ladies still do that. Make Christmas hair! hehehe. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it people. I mean with all the weddings and events billed to happen this season, it behooves you to look your best. Christmas hair inclusive.

So I thought, why not share some hairstyle inspirations for you lovelies? I totally love short hairstyles, but this time, I’m going to braid!!! I usually do so once in a year cos it’s not so friendly with my hairline. But when I do make it, I rock it to heaven and back! You can join me too. Hope you like the other styles as shown below.

christmas hairstyles 2

christmas hairstyles 1

She looks like Kelly Rowland, doesn’t she?

christmas hairstyles 5

This is one look I can’t wait to try!

christmas hairstyles 3

christmas hairstyles 0

christmas hairstyles 4

christmas hairstyles 6

I ticked this hairstyle off my bucket list last year..sadly I don’t have pictures here. I just may try it again in 2016!! hehehe

christmas hairstyles 7


christmas hairstyles 8

Am I the only one who wants to do this hairstyle for her wedding too?? *sigh* #TooGorgeous!

You would have noticed I don’t really have pictures of long hairstyles here. Well it’s kinda deliberate. If my guess is right, most of you have made long hairstyles several times this year already!! Why not try something a little different for a change huh? Change is good, trust me…hehehe.

I love almost every hairstyle picked! Hmm, it just may be my hairstyle calendar for 2016…hmmm..even cutting my hair..#fingerscrossed.

Which is your favourite style? Which will you be trying this season? Cant wait to hear from you. Have a fantabulous day lovelies!!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

Photo credit: Horplard works, Ennieyapha, Efe Lopez


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