MANday 25: How To Look Good In A Cheap Suit

Hellurrr…it’s 11days to Christmas!! Who’s excited?? Yea I’m not as excited as I was as a 10 year old with cheap shoes, but I’m excited no doubt. 2015 has been a good year. Lord, I’m thankful. 2016, bring it on! Who’s ready? Get your suit out, your goals running, your zeal topped up, cos 2016 is closer now than we first believed. And it aint waiting for no one. Meanwhile, I’ve been musing over this lovely piece, Heartboxing, by Jimmy Nevis. Let me know what you think.

Now it’s my favourite time of the week, MANday, and we’re looking for ways to make our otherwise cheap suits look a bit more classy and expensive. I know a lot of male folks have diverse taste especially when it comes to their suit. Some go the bespoke route, others just buy any suit they see hanging on a mannequin, fitted or not. Well, I respect that. However, in here, we have a goal. We strive to be and look better. And if looking good even in a cheap suit is what we need to do, then by all means!

I’m indifferent when it comes to suit prices. I know some designer suits can cost a fortune and if one can afford it, that’s awesome. But I also know some really great designers that are very affordable. The point is to cut your ‘suit’ according to your pocket size, while not compromising on your comfort and style. However, if you did get a cheap suit and it obviously looks that way when worn, maybe due to poor fitting or low quality material, all hope is not lost my friend. You may be tempted to throw them away and go spend some extra money this season on some new suits, but hold on a bit . That suit can still look good when you try these tips.

cheap suitBe sure to get a great shirt. You’ve compromised on your suit already, try not to do same with your shirt. Go for a plain coloured, 100% cotton shirt. Preferably white. You can’t go wrong with white. You can own just 2 and make it look like you own 10. It doesn’t have to be expensive too. Just a nice looking, fitted, and long enough, and your suit will thank you for it. Nothing makes a suit looks cheaper than a bad choice of shirt.

cheap suit 3

cheap suit 2

Pick a tie. No, not just any tie, a classy, look-at-me-one-more-time tie. You want the eye of the onlooker to be away from the not-so-good suit, so give them another option. Entertain them with a fine tie. Again it doesn’t have to be expensive, just of good quality, unique and attractive. Add a pocket square to the mix if you please. thank me later.

cheap suit 1

Get it right with your shoes. I can not say this enough but your shoe is quite a big deal. Yes it is. It could make or break your entire look. Be on the safe side and invest in two pairs, a brown or tan shoe (for your light coloured suit) and a dark brown or black shoe (for your dark coloured suit). A lace up shoe or brogues are the most sort after. If you think your ‘cheap’ suit is too plain, you can go for a shoe with a bit of pattern on it. Anything to entertain the eyes of the ‘viewer’..hehehe

cheap suit 5 cheap suits 4

Accessorize well. These days, I feel the need to have more guys accessories. It just looks cooler. However in this case, you almost don’t have a choice. Your suit isn’t all that so it needs a little help. If some accessories can do the trick, then it behooves you to try them out. A nice wristwatch or a bracelet will look just right, paired with that suit.

Lastly walk like you run the streets. I’ll always say it, CONFIDENCE is key. A man can wear a $4000 suit and it’ll look like crap next to the confidently walking gentleman in a $100 suit. It’s all in the presentation guys. Afterall, no one wears the price tag around. Do remember, it’s not the suit that makes the man, it’s the man that makes the suit.

And that will be all fellas. Do have yourself a merry week!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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