MANday 26: Dressing Your Age

Hellurrr…busy weekend? Tell me about it. But this week will be pretty chilled for most of us yea. It’s the holiday week people! So hang in there, whatever your age, Santa is on the way. Hehehe. What plans do you have for the holiday though? Whatever it is, try not to spend unnecessarily, January is waiting around the corner to laugh at some folks. Don’t let it happen. Spend wisely. Meanwhile, I’m listening to Bez, You suppose know by now…join in!

It’s no news that I love to write. About anything and everything. I’m waiting for the 31st to write my letter to Jesus too (a ritual I’ve indulged in for the past 5 years where I give thanks and write goals), but sometimes, deciding on what to write can be a headache. I got up this morning and had no idea what to post on MANday today, but hey, you never know where inspiration could come from. Here we are, talking about dressing properly to suit your age.

dress your age 1

dress your age 3

dress your age 7

I love to see older men looking all shades of dope! It’s like white on rice. Still dressing to suit your age can be a major challenge for some. I get that sometimes you want to feel forever young  and stay stylishly exciting but you should know when to draw the line. Imagine a 42 year old wearing skinny jeans!! Who’s going to take you seriously? If you still wear those, hmmm…well we’re in the dispensation of grace so go and sin no more. Trade in the skinny jeans for fitted ones. No they’re not the same. These are not baggy nor skinny, but have a slim cut to them. You look way smarter and attractive. So for the 35 year olds and above, be careful to dress classy. It’s easy to make a fashion mistake at this age cos you feel the need to look less boring with your clothes. Well you won’t. Stay away from the deep neck lined shirts, densely graphic tee shirts et al. Play a lot with accessories (shades,watches, scarves, et al), chinos, nicely tailored suits, fitted shirts, denim shirts, blazers and you’ll be giving the younger folks a run for their money!

dress your age 2

dress your age 5

dress your age 6

Now my friends in the 25-35 category, hola! You’re in transition..hehehe. I’ve watched too much of The Originals I think. Anyway I really love to see this set of people. They’re seem the most creative in their choice of clothes. It’s quite beautiful. However, some are in a hurry to feel 50 and so wear absurd clothes. That has to stop. I get you have to feel like a man but don’t throw away your casual clothes and sneakers please. There are ways to look really smart without looking old. Feel free to play with a little colour, spice up your closet. Loose the skinnies too and feel dapper in nice jeans, suits, tee shirts, graphic prints, sneakers, shorts, and more sneakers. Hehehe. You can still wear your vee necks, MODERATELY ripped jeans and print shirts, it’s dope. Just not the overly graphic shirts. Give them to your teenage brothers.

dress your age 8

dress your age 9

And speaking of the teenage brothers (18-25), they’re still young and discovering their style identities so it’s cool to let them roll in the deep. Any mistakes can easily be blamed on teenage ignorance. Hehehe. However, it’s better to know. It’s fun to watch you lot walk around with ripped jeans, prints, patterns, diamond neck chains…it’s a lot of fun. By all means, rock your skinnies (if you must, I’m not a fan), hi-tops, joggers and boots. I’ll just add that you stick to your size and look decently cleaned up. Being young is never an excuse to look less than you ought to.

Alrighty!! Let’s go have fun stylishly this holiday season…

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

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