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Blogger Spotlight: Grace Alex!

Hellurrr…I know, I apologise, I sincerely do. Blogger Spotlight hasn’t beamed on anyone in the last month or so but that changes now *blows kisses*. Listen to this Taylor Swift’s song, to cool your temper. I love style and I love to write. Blogging is just one of the ways I express that. But when I see someone who writes beautifully well and then captivates me with their pictures as well, I’m sold out! Literally.

grace alex style 1

Grace was and still is one of those kind of people. You would argue that her photo’s and smile get to you more. You’ll be right to say that. I haven’t met her before, but with our chats on IG, I feel like I already have. She’s such an illustrious lady and her fashion sense and style is EVERYTHING. I mean can you see these pictures? I love how she combines her pieces, it’s too cute, it makes me smile every blessed time. You can check out her blog. She’s every bloggers favourite, I bet she is. Look at her!

grace alex style 2

grace alex  style 4

grace alex style 3

                                                                 wearing her gafsandals

Oh how did I mention she sews some of her outfits herself? And she designs the Gaf Sandals. I just ordered mine and I can’t wait to try them on when they come in this weekend. If you want a pair simple follow her on Instagram here and send her a DM. She responds in like a second! lol. Guys you can also order, she makes for men too. Her sandals are simple yet classy and that to me, is the definition of ageless style. Grace is also a journalist, and a lecturer, and a …the list is long. And did I mention she’s really young? lool. Really she’s a hard worker.

I don’t know many ladies who do what they love and have great fun doing it. Grace does. She makes everything so easy. Blogging, designing and lecturing. I’m attracted to her kind, soft and seemingly innocent personality. That’s not something a lot of people especially bloggers have. There I said it. Lol. The fact that even with how much she’s achieved with her blog and business, she’s still very relatable means a lot to people like me. And that’s one reason she’s up here today. Cheers to Grace Alex. Your best days are ahead of you…

grace alex style 5

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

Pictures: Grace Alex Blog


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