#MarriageChronicles 02: Dear Future Husband

dear future husband

Hellurrr… It’s Thursday and another episode of #MarriageChronicles just got off the fire and it’s a letter from a lady to her future husband. So I meant to publish this on another blog I write for but decided to use it here instead. Guess what inspired this post? Well among other things, this Meghan Trainor’s song did a number on me. Love the song. Do listen.

So I know a lot of us who are eagerly waiting to be married would really love our future husbands to know a few things. I wrote this somewhat fun letter. What do you resonate with? Alright lets read first.

Dear Future Husband..

Here’s a few things I’ll like you to know…
You see, I’m pretty easy on the eye with a whole lotta demand on my behind, but I’ve been waiting for you. I won’t cast pearl to swine, you my dear, are worth the wait. But before we walk down that aisle, let’s take a second to breathe…and plan. Yes, plan.
I love the fine things of life. The boat cruises, the Louboutin shoes, the Hermes bags, oh I love them all. However, if I don’t wear them now, I won’t turn to a pillar of salt. But you’ve got to assure me, you’ve got what it takes to make me look and feel like a princess and that I will have these beauties in the near future. I hope you do have a stable job? Oh you couldn’t possibly have taken all this time to find me if you weren’t busy building an empire? Why else would you have taken so long. So yea, I’m sure you have a stable job.
Now to the juicy part, the wedding! Ah the wedding. You see, I’ve dreamed about our wedding from the very first time my daddy kissed my momma. Not to be dramatic, I have dreamed about it for a very long time. It will be perfect. Nothing missing. Nothing broken. I know you’ll be so busy with work but you see, I’m a multitasker, so I’ll plan it for us both. I don’t mind. You must have heard of BellaNaija? Yes, our wedding must be featured there so it has to be up to par. I know you have a lot of friends, so do I. However we can do a classy wedding to fit all parties.
You do remember that a girl’s best friends are her diamonds yea? Great! So don’t forget to stop by Tiffany’s on your way back. My engagement ring has got to be blindly ‘blinging’! Dearest, I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to wear an Elle Saab wedding dress. It’s the definition of divinity, although I won’t mind us both twinning in a Mai Atafo Inspired wedding dress and suit. You’ll look glorious in that piece.
I’ve driven a lot along the island of Lagos to see some pretty interesting locations for our wedding. Oh you’ll be proud of the options I’ve picked. It’s amazing though, how expensive they are but I guess that won’t be a problem as you, my dearest husband, are incredibly capable. You’re the jewel I price above all else, the sparkle in my eye, the prince in my tale. You my dear, are sublime.
I’ve got other things settled like contacting Kelechi Amadi to stay on standby for our photography, DJ Exclusive for earth moving music among other things so you don’t have to stress your brilliant head too much. You see, you’ll be marrying a very resourceful woman who’ll leave no stone unturned to make you happy. We’ll both commit funds to making this a day to be remembered for as long as possible, because I’ve been working and saving, waiting for you.
So while you’re taking that turn into the corner where I’m at, adjust your suit and straighten your tie, for you’re about to embark on the journey of your life. And I’ll be there to make it worth the ride.
Crazily in love
Your future wife…
I still laugh out loud reading this. I hope to come back here, months and years from now and read. Hopefully I’ll laugh harder then.
If you were to write a letter to your future husband, what would you say? I’ll really love to read from you. Please drop a comment and don’t forget to share.
*hugs and kisses*
Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better
Illustrator: Peniel Enchill
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