Blogger Spotlight: Folake Huntoon

folake huntoon

Hellurr….If you are a style blog reader, like a really serious one, then Folake shouldn’t be a new name to you. Or perhaps you know her by her blog, Arghh this chic kills me, literally, with her style. Before I get all excited about this damsel, can I first share my current obssession? This James Arthur song, Certain things have been playing since I visited my girl, Gracie’s blog yesterday, great blog I must add. Oh dear. The song just makes me feel some kinda way. Cant explain. Just click and listen and you’ll testify too.

folake huntoon

Ok so back to Folake. This woman right here is a walking style icon. When I grow up I so want to be like her. Can you believe she’s in her 40’s?? Look how great and fit she looks! And I’m here struggling with maintaining a size 8. Lordy Lord. Style Pantry was the first blog ever I visited as a yoing fashion lover. I’ve followed her for years. Her family, her style journey. It’s amazing how much she’s grown. Her style inspires me in a very colourful and daring type of way. I just love to sit and scroll through pages on her blog. You can visit and feel what I feel too.

folake huntoon 5

folake huntoon 1

folake huntoon style 4

folake huntoon style 9

She’s a mother of 3 lovely kids and a hard worker. She does a terrific job at balancing things out as a blogger, entrepreneur, mother and wife. She does inspire me in more ways than one so it’s no wonder our spotlight is on her today. I love how great she looks in her pants or jeans paired with blazers. And her shoe collection? Oh dear Lord!See what I mean when I say when I grow up I wanna be like her?? haha.

Now which of these styles would you rock any time soon? I think we’re permitted to steal her style. Go on. Hit me up in the comment section below and please don’t forget to share with friends and foe.

Funke Hooton style

funke hooton style 6

funke hooton style 7

funke hooton style 10

Oh did I forget?? It’s Friyayyyy!!! Have a fantabulous weekend friends. And don’t forget to look like the king/queen that you are.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Pictures: Style Pantry

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