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Gift Ideas For Him And Her

Hellurr…it kinda feels cliché that we’re all writing about gift and love this season but hey, it’s what you expect though. While I’ll always say giving and loving shouldn’t be kept on the shelf till the 14th of February, and that valentine to some of us isn’t really much of a big deal, I understand it is to a whole number of you lovelies and so I thought to pick out some ideas for you so you don’t have to struggle with sending gifts. Meanwhile Taylor Swift’s Red is playing in the background and I’m just like I love this girl sha. Have I told you she’s my favorite female international star? Next to Bey that is…hehehe.

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Now if I’ve been expecting perfumes, shirts, or shoes year in, year out, I’ll tire of it at some point and want a little something different. I’m talking for both the guys and ladies here. Sometimes some gifts don’t show that you put some thought into choosing them. Like you get me a Chris Adams perfume for instance when I don’t even like the scent. Or a ring I didn’t dream about. Or you buy your man a shirt he doesn’t like. Let this one be a little different. Pay a little attention to what he likes. Pay attention to what she has drooled over in the past month. It’ll even help you both know each other better. I know you may want it to be a surprise but there are ways to find out these things without letting out any clues. Consult me behind cameras for tips *wink*.

I’m a sucker for little details. I always believe the luxury is in the details. And it tells me you went an extra mile, thinking of me enough to make the present mean something to me. So when choosing your gift, wrap it beautifully. Maybe customize them. Maybe ask her friend what kind of ring she likes. Maybe ask his friend where he’ll love to travel. Details guys. Details. Anyway here are some ideas I think may interest you.

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Customized key rings

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The usual girl guide. Oh and that rock *wink*

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His favorite drinks.

gifts 4

A shoe he loves with a customized message.

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Girl guide part 2

valentine gift special 4

A date with a clothier.

I know the economy down here is a little tight for some people so these are things you can get for not so expensive. I don’t know too many Nigerian ladies that love flowers though but you should know what will tickle her fancy. A perfume, customized cups, a suit, a dress, a pair of shoes, accessories, a dinner at a really lovely place will be very appreciated. However, whether you get him a yacht or you get her a ticket to Paris, what really matters is the heart behind the giving. Don’t forget to lace your gift with love. Let it be the first thing he/her sees.

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Hope this was a great read for you and it was helpful. What will you be getting a loved one this season? I’d love to know. Drop a comment below and let’s have fun together. I promise I wont tell him/her *wink*

*hugs and kisses*

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