MANday 30: 7 Style Mistakes To Avoid

Hellurrr…Can you smell it? The freshly baked month delivered to your doorsteps? Or the juicy MANday edition you’re about to be served? It’s February guys!! And the 30th edition of the MANday series! Make no mistakes guys, our best days are well ahead of us. It’s quite amazing how far we have come in the first month of the year 2016 and we are quite positive that the rest of the year will go even better. Can I get an Amen? Yes! Reekado Banks has this cool song Sugar baby. I made it song of the week. Do enjoy.

So today we’ll be talking on mistakes to avoid so we can nail the fine and fresh look this February. It’s important that as you progress in life, you get better than you were the day before. If you expect to get better results from the same way you did things, that will almost sound stupid. So lets see if we can highlight some of the blunders you commit and point them out so you can stop them.

fashion mistakes 1

1 Wear your size: A child could look adorable in pants that are twice his size, but not a grown man. It could be sore to the eyes, so next time you’re out shopping for shirts or pants, remember to pick your size.

2 Deep Vee-necks: This should be totally torn to pieces. Whoever said you looked good in deep vee cuts, exposing half your chest, isn’t your friend at all. I am, and I’ll tell you. Loose that deep vee. It has ‘irresponsible’ written all over it. This rule applies to those who wear shirts and leave 3 or 4 buttons open. Hunny that’s not cool. Leave the hairy chests or well chiselled chest safely tucked in. If you must leave buttons undone, not more than two.

3 Trend Vs Comfort: I love emerging trends. I love to look out for them. It’s fun. But it don’t mean we have to throw money in the air every time a trend drives round the corner especially if it doesn’t quite suit you. You can’t wear everything. Stick to what is within the limits of your style. Be comfortable and confident in whatever you’re wearing and don’t be so headstrong on wearing every designer outfit off the run way.

4 Shoes and Belt that match: A lot of men know this salient rule but still flout it. It always gives a pristine finishing to your looks when you pay attention to your shoes and belts. Wear shoes that match the colour and texture of your belt or vice versa and everyone will love you for it. Also if you’re in the family of guys that don’t wear belts ever, please decamp. It’s so uncool to watch your trousers spill on the floor or fall off your waist and there’s no belt to fit up the entire look. Take my advice. Own a belt.

5 Wearing shades under a shade: Cough a little if you’re guilty. I never get the logic when I see finely dressed men wear their sun glasses in a room. Where is the sun please? When you walk through the door, please take off your shades. We want to see those cute eyes. Thank you.

fashion mistakes 3

6 Too much Cologne: There’s no way this is stylish. We get that the perfume smells good and is expensive, but don’t fall into the temptation of bathing with the entire bottle. It’s quite a turn off when I can smell you from a mile away. That just invades my private space. LOL. I’m kidding. But it’s wise and stylish to spray just a little. If you can smell the cologne on you, then it’s too much.

fashion mistakes 4

7 Bedazzled Jeans: You remember those jeans that were quite rampant in the 90’s? Those with lots of stones and graphics? The one folded in your wardrobe? Yes, do me a favour and slice them in pieces with a scissors. You’re better off without them.

Hope you had fun reading this post? What fashion mistakes have you seen among our fine men? I’ll love to read all your comments in the comment section way below. Do have sugar filled week and month.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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