MANday 31: 7 Sneakers For Your Tailored Suit

Hellurr…How’s your monday going?? It may be a little far into the day but it’s never to late to serve you your special, well tailored slice of MANday. For some reason I’m really excited about this post. I cant explain it but when I see a stylishly dressed man, I pay 50 shades of respect! And I just saw one. Can we have some No air sound track right now? Thank you.

Not many people can dare to pull off the sneakers on suit trend, yet it’s one look that brings a bright glow to the eyes. I feel I should dare you to take on the challenge and surprise your self even for a minute. Sneakers on tailored suit can be a very dicey card to play but when paired properly, you can bet that investor will sign out that contract to you once you walk in..hehehe. Don’t take my word for it though, try it and see. However, know that not all sneakers can be paired with tailored suits. I had fun looking through some sneakers to see which I could recommend to you lovelies and I found 7 of them.

sneakers for tailored suit 5

These Bottega sneakers are just divine. I love the fact that it’s a bit safe to pull off. It won’t give off the conventional sneakers look but it’s trendy and cute all the same.

sneakers for tailored suit 1

My next favorite would be this juicy pair of Adidas. How cute are they?? Pair them with your navy blue tailored suit and watch the birds serenade the ‘swagness’ you’ll exude. I can’t wait to own a pair myself!

sneakers for tailored suit 4

These Lanvin cape toe sneakers are just the definition of a tailored, matured look. You can’t go wrong pairing these with your suit. You just can’t.

sneakers for tailored suit 3

Common Projects has been around for a time and everyone will testify to how great they look on the feet of a young man. If you’re new to the sneakers on tailored suit trend, you should properly try this one first. You’ll be proud of your look.

sneakers for tailored suit

Hellurr New Balance!! Do I need to say more? I think not.

sneakers for tailored suit 1

Sperry Top Sider is a gentle reminder that fashion isn’t supposed to be boring. Apart from your jeans, pair this laceless beauty with your suit and feel good with yourself. Interestingly, it’s not so expensive either. It’s a win people!

sneakers for tailored suit

Converse of the people, by the people and for the people!! If you’re ever in doubt about which sneaker to pair with your suit, then this is most likely your safest and most popular option.

Want to know how you’d look if you choose to try this on for size??

sneakers for tailored suit 8

sneakers for tailored suit 6


Is this a trend you’ll be trying soon?? I’ll love to read from you. Please drop a comment below. Have a great week!!

*hug and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

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