#MarriageChronicles 03: Love And Be Loved

love and be loved

Hellurrr… It’s usually with mixed feelings that people approach the month of February. They call it the month of love so naturally every dealer, vendor or service provider starts giving valentine deals and I’m like chill…it’s still weeks away!! Lol. And then you have others who just can’t be bothered by the term. Like seriously, there are more important things, they may think! While we’re still perceiving the fresh scent of love and a new month, let’s sing along to Maroon 5 sugar. Love the song especially the video!

To a lot of people the only significant thing about the month of February is the feeling of love and appreciation that comes on the 14th. And that’s for those paired with a Bae. For those without a bae, it seems they just allow work love them right back. Last year, I remember the election tried to ruin it for a lotta people but thankfully it showed us love right back. What a peaceful election!

Now a lot of people are in the dilemma of what to do and what not to do. I’m of the belief that while the 14th is a beautiful excuse to show love to loved ones, it really shouldn’t be limited to just that day. So if the expensive gifts don’t come don’t feel it’s gone to some side chic you’re unaware of. It’s just a day. It can come any other day. However this is not to say that something beautifully different shouldn’t be done on that say. Like go to an orphanage, go share food to some area boys under that bridge you usually drive past, go for a business seminar together as a couple, travel to a beautiful resort. Thankfully it’s a weekend and nicely packaged options are available. A friend came up with a brilliant package for couples and singles geared towards fostering meaningful partnerships. It’s a weekend getaway in Abuja and knowing how articulate and fun-loving she is, I have no doubt it will be magical. So that can fit into your plans! Take pictures and tell me all about it when you do, will you?

love and be loved


Basically this post is to inspire you to do something lovely for someone other than yourself. Love is a proactive thing so go ahead and show love even when you haven’t received some in a long time. I’ll be bringing lots of options your way as the week progresses so do follow me on all social media platforms.

What would you do this valentine season? I look forward to hearing all your stories. Do drop your comments below.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

Illustrations: Penial Enchill (don’t you just love her lovely work??)

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