The Grammys: Top 10 Best Dressed

Hellurr…It’s mid week and a lot of folks like me are still excited at the just concluded Grammys. Taylor won!!! You know how much I love that chic yes? I’m not so happy with what she wore though but heck, I still love her! It goes without saying that this week’s song has to be one of hers. Here’s everything has changed with Ed Sheeran. One of my favorites.

I was really happy with the people who took home the plaque two nights ago at the Grammys. Ed Sheeran, Taylor, Kendrick, they were all well deserved. And Justin Bieber? I was too stoked when he was called out. I was never a fan but his latest album brought both a fan and an AC outta me. He worked really hard and I’m happy he was rewarded for it.

Anyway, our business today is to list out our 10 best dressed. It’s no news that, that was what I was looking out for on the red carpet. And these ones I picked out are the ones that caught my eye for more than 2 seconds. I can actually see myself rocking some of them. Yes I was impressed.

grammys best dressed 7

10- Zendaya– She took 10th place just because I felt this DSquared2 suit wasn’t properly sewn to fit her. But I love her choice. She looked great nonetheless. Love her maturity and adventurous nature of her dress sense most times.

grammys best dressed 2

9- Anna Hendrick– She glowed in this Emanuel Ungaro gown. She’s not usually my favorite when it comes to dressing but in this case, I was quite impressed!

grammys best dressed

8- Meghan Trainor– Oh how I love this chic. She has a really lovely body and knows just how best to dress it up. Either she’s a natural fashionista or her stylist did a great job.

grammys best dressed 4

7- Ariana Grande– Who loves her?? She didn’t look any less of a pretty Barbie doll but this Romona Keveza dress did her justice. She nailed the Grammys red carpet.

grammy best dressed 10

6- Tori Kelly– Green is usually not a very common choice for the red carpet but Tori was unapologetic with her looks!! I really loved her dress.

grammys best dressed 8

5- Carrie Underwood– A lot of people didn’t really like what she came out with, maybe because she’s a celebrated gospel artist. I loved her dress! I would’ve preferred if the slit wasn’t as high but  nonetheless she nailed the red carpet. At least she was better than aunty Ciara.

grammys best dressed 6

4- Adele– Hellurrrr!!! I can’t even begin to say how much gorgeousness she exuded on this red carpet. Someone said she could eat amala and ewedu (A heavy Nigerian local dish) and wear this dress and still look like a princess! hahaha. But give it up for Adele my friends, she looked every inch a princess in her Givenchy gown.

grammys best dressed 3

3- Janelle Monae– You know, when I first noticed the black and white signature look that’s peculiar to Janelle, I was like, this chic will soon tire of this monochrome look. I mean how much outfits could you possibly wear in black and white. But hey, she amazes me every time on the red carpet. This amazingly creative Jean Paul Coultier piece is a sight to behold.

grammys best dressed 1

2- Chrissy Teigen– I don’t know too many women who look this divine when pregnant! Lord please can I look this hot when I’m pregnant?? Thanks! Chrissy, the gorgeous wife to John Legend, rocked this Yousef Al Jasmi dress to the ground. John must have been proud. I am!

grammys best dressed 5

1- Selena Gomez– And this was my favorite of the evening. Calvin Klein obviously made this dress, just for her. She looked every inch like a goddess! I almost gasped when I saw her on the Grammys red carpet. She has her way of rocking dresses in a matured and jaw-dropping kind of way. Justin Bieber, you lost big time on this one. SMH.

And that sums it up here. Which was your favorite look? I’d love to read from you below. Don’t forget to please share.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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