#US Valentine Couple Special

Hellurrr…so today is one of my favorite and special days everrrrr!! Not just because it’s a friday, but I just got published on BellaNaija!! I know it could be normal gist to some folks but this is really a big deal for me. It just shows me that whatever you set your mind to do, and do well, as long as God’s in it, you will succeed! Like I can scream right now! lol. Anyway please read and comment on the article here. Show some love please!! Let the BN peeps know that I know some pretty dope people! In the spirit of my excitement and valentine just around the corner, can we play a bit of Chris Brown’s Little More?

So last weekend, I got busy with some of the most amazing bloggers you could possibly meet. I decided to do a valentine shoot with friends and Cafe Neo was such a great host. Their brownies are to die for and we wasted no time in devouring them. Amah Afadameh came through with some bad ass clicks. I mean, look at these photos!! I almost can’t believe I’m the one in these shots. Shout of to the baddest photographer that ever liveth. Check him out on IG and tell him you’re from me..*wink*

Akin of akinfaminu.com served it hot with this look. His bae for the evening was Cassie of cassiedaves.com and they gave an-all-too-cute inspiration to couples who want to be stylish this valentine. The touch of red in her shoes and hie tie/socks, was just sublime. In case you’re of the school of thought that going all red for valentine is too cliché for you, this look should call out your name. Style afterall, is personal so if this resonates with you and your bae, then carry on. You’re welcome.

US COuple Special 9

US Couple Special 9

US Couple Special 8

This next couple is no doubt my favorite. They represent the couple who are first friends before lovers. The first stylish accessory they show is their love and then the Ankara touch to Tuke’s look just brought it home. Ifeanyi of ifeanyiokaforjr.com is the definition of a trendy gentleman who’s only interested in spoiling his bae while looking good at it. Note the neck chains and special bow tie. It complimented Tuke’s Ankara skirt in a cute little way. Tuke of tukesquest.com is just the best at giving million dollar smiles. She reminds us this valentine, not to leave our smiles at home. Show some love to bae, and every one around this valentine and beyond.

US Couple Special 7

US Couple Special 5

US Couple special 4

US Couple Specials

My humble self chose to go all out with a special dinner jumpsuit. I bet you though it was a gown yea? Gotcha! For the ladies who want to dress up, this red piece will sit just fine at the dinner table. Don’t forget to accessorizes. I could have used a choker and arm rings but chose to go simple. That could also work perfectly on this look if you have a gown or jumpsuit like this. My Bae for this post was Emmanuel of ekpo.com.ng. He came to the table fierce and unapologetic. And the rest they say is history..hehehe.

US Couple Special

US Couple Specials 2

US Couple special 2

US Couple special

Which look will you be going with? Hope you enjoyed this post. Please don’t forget to share with friends and foe. Thanks so much for your support. It means the world to me. Can’t wait for all the stories later on, have a lovely valentine. Let me be the first to say ‘I love You’…*big smiles*

US Couple Special

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Photography: Amah Afadameh

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