BreakFast In Style

breakfast in style 6

Hellurr… In a matter of hours we’ll be celebrating our risen Lord. Not only will we be marking such unprecedented feat, it’s the must needed holiday we all have been crying out for. Long nights, late movies, late breakfast, I’m drooling already. Meanwhile I’m back to my insane love for Ed Sheeran, like I never left. Photograph for my lovely readers. Enjoy.

breakfast in style

So a certain young man woke me up on a fine Saturday morning to say he wanted to take me out for breakfast somewhere that was to be a surprise. While I wasn’t curious at all (LIES), I quickly jumped decided to drag myself out of bed and got ready for this ‘surprise’. Well, need I say, it was worth it.

I’m not used to having breakfast, much less breakfast at a restaurant. Dinner or lunch, yea, but not breakfast. So when I was given the various options on the menu, it was a whole new feeling. When the meal finally came, I was incredibly excited. So much food!

They had various options but I was torn between the American breakfast and Asian breakfast. I finally settled for the American one. I didn’t regret it but I left there wondering what the Asian breakfast would have tasted like. The only reason I didn’t order that instead, was because I felt it’d be too heavy for me. Well the American breakfast ended up being pretty heavy. But I loved every moment I spent digging in.

I must commend the customer service though. They were kind and lovely. Though one of the ladies looked tired, but she was nice all the same. And they didn’t stop me from taking pictures!!! I mean that’s a big deal to us bloggers. Though I took pictures with my phone, but while I walked around, no one objected. Next time I go there for my Asian breakfast, I’ll be sure to go with my camera.


They started us out with tea/coffee. I had tea.

breakfast in style 2

I had pancakes but my date had waffles instead. I loved my pancakes though.

breakfast in style 3

In case you’re wondering what’s sitting on my plate, it’s bean cake, sausage, bacon, honey,pancakes/waffles, bread and ‘vegetable eggs’. lol. I forgot what they called it, but this made up my American breakfast.

breakfast in style 4

While my plate sat empty, they served me fresh pineapple and orange juice.breakfast in style 5

breakfast in style

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you’ll want to have an experience like I had, please visit Crust and Cream at 11, Musa Yaradua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. You’ll be glad you did.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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