MANday 34: Designers On The AMVCA Carpet

amvca designers

Hellurrr…how grateful are you to see such a beautiful week?? While I’m still relieving the gorgeousness designers served us at the AMVCA last weekend, I’m excited about the prospects of the new week. Are you? I’m still on a John Legend high, so let’s serenade our MANday morning with this lovely piece. I’ve loved this song for the longest time. This Time. Let me know if you like it in the comment section below.

For some reason I feel the need to push someone to stop giving excuses and take the world by storm. There really is no time to make up excuses. Over the weekend, I got thinking a lot and it almost threatened to depress me, but thank God for God. The many things I want to do and little time or resources. It saddens me sometimes. But I try to convert it to energy and just push forward. I can’t be like everyone else so I stopped comparing or competing with others a long time ago. However, sometimes when you see the achievements of others in similar fields, it pinches something in your skull and drives you to do something. Anyone feel like that sometimes? *sigh*. I’ve been learning a lot about planning and drawing out practical steps to achieve set goals. Maybe I’ll share some time later.

Now to the meat of the meal. AMVCA impressed me by a long shot last weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you’d know my page was awash with sights from the red carpet. If you don’t follow me yet, please do so now. Here. *kisses*.
I still think the AMVCA is our local Oscar awards. The looks on the red carpet though, wow! I was too excited to see any flaws. The ladies came on a serious mission. Today though, the men have it and may I add, I was so elated when I saw Nigerian brands walking the red carpet. The Taryor Gabriel’s, Mai Atafo’s, BosiaAndCharles, I couldn’t stop smiling. I thought to show some of my favorite looks by Nigerian brands and hope that it encourages you to buy Nigerian. We can have our own designers walking the Paris and Milan runways if we encourage them enough.

Taryor Gabriels: He no doubt brought his A-game with his number on our dapper RMD and Desmond Elliot. I’m sure he’ll do you justice too.

amvca designers 5

amvca designers 7

Emmy Kasbit: Another Nigerian brand to walk the AMVCA carpet. Round of applause guys. He made Uti into a style god.

amvca designers 6

Mai Atafo: You already know. This man needs no introduction. His shoes though, I’ll have to write a whole post about. Or not. Lol. I love the creativity behind this designer. Mai Atafo for the ‘men dem’.

amvca designers 3

BosiaAndCharles: I personally know the designer and I’m so proud of what he does! This look on Gbenro Ajibade was the life. He killed it like no man’s business. Please do yourself a darling favour and wear BosiaAndCharles.

amvca designers 2

Sammies Couture: This look was a little common on the red carpet. Jason Porsche, another Nigerian brand did a similar number on Ik Ogbonna. This winner here, Falzthebahdguy, he left an unforgettable impression and I was indeed proud.

amvca designers 1

Noble Igwe, always a slayer!

amvca designers 4

And the Agbada’s came out to play!

amvca designers 9

amvca designers 10

It’s a wrap guys! Which of the designers impressed you the most? I’ll love to know! Drop a comment below.

Have a ‘kinging’ week.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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