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MANday 35: Shoes For The Rains

Hellurr…the rains are back!! I know a lot of people who have spent the last few days jumping on their ceilings because the rains are back. Of course we can’t blame them, the heat these past month has been almost suicidal. It’s almost like we stole the Sun’s bae from him and he’s vexing real bad. Anyway welcome rain! For some reason I thought of this Kelly’s song, Train on a track and I thought to share. Hope you love it.

Now the rains are here, can we then adjust our style? I must confess, the rainy season is the reason some of my shoes have gone bad. But no more. This time, we will be prepared to face the rains. While we can’t afford to ruin our shoes because the rains are here, nor can we throw away our stylish identity, we can choose to rock nice water-resistant shoes.

Rainy boots don’t have to be the funny ugly rubber things we saw in the 90’s. The women have it a little easy as different styles and options are laid out before them. I have a few rubber sandals that are easy on the eyes and trendy as well. Yes indeed, I’m ready for the rains. Who says the men shouldn’t have a choice?

So I stumbled on this site here, and was really impressed with the trendy rubber boots I saw. These Tretorn Gunner rubber boots are lovely. The rains will no longer steal your style fellas, it’s time to put your best foot forward, even under the rains.

shoes for rains 9

shoes for rains  8

shoes for rains 5

The most common choice would be the crocs. They’ve been saving lives since God-knows-when. And they’re not about to stop now.

shoes for rains

shoes for rains 10

shoes for rains 2

shoes for rains 1

Another option could be wearing shoes with high rubber soles. Yes that can save you some extra years on that fine leather foot wear.

shoes for rains 3


I know I have been an advocate for buying Nigerian especially with the state of the dollar. I’ll share on Instagram when I find a Nigerian dealer who can cater to this need. Till then, I hope this helped.

*hugs and kisses*

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