MANday 37: Men In Classy Black

Hellurr…can we take a minute to just pray, that the heat won’t get the better of us and turn us black? Amen! This is most likely the best time to take a chilled out vacation, but work and my bank account won’t let me be great. *sigh*. On a cooler note, who has listened to Timi’s new song ‘the vow‘? No words! It was on replay all through last weekend and today I can’t get enough. Had to send him a DM on Instagram, he’s singing at my wedding!…so help me God…lool

men in black 2


Believe me, this is most likely the worst time to be all clad in black, in the name of style. The heat will show you no mercy. However, if you’re in a not so hot region, then great! This article is for you. I love black! I talked about that here and my love for blue. So no doubt, men in black will make me smile.

If you’re going to go all black, be sure you’re bold and confident enough to pull it through to the end. You may take a break and add a touch of colour to your footwear but black is Bae to a lot of people.

Since majority of fashion enthusiasts stay within the comfortable boundaries of an all black suit, let’s see what the adventurous ones are up to.

men in black 5

men in black 4

men in black 6

men in black 9

men in black 8

men in black 10

men in black 11

I particularly love the fact that black is a template on which you can style however you want. You may choose to switch up your all black outfit with a little accessory, or a touch of color so you don’t look like you’re heading to a funeral. Remember, if you’re in a heat-laden area like Lagos, don’t take this route my friend, don’t do it.

Hope you enjoyed this post. How do you wear your black? Is an all black ensemble something you can try? I’ll love to read from you in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share! Have a lovely week! I’ll be watching..*wink*

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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