#MarriageChronicles 10: Love The Way You Lie

love the way you lie

Hellurr…would you believe me if I said I’ve missed you? That won’t be a lie at all as I’ve sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A LOT has happened these past few weeks! I fell terribly ill, my blog got yanked off, I lost some files, gosh…where do I start from? Well let’s just say it’s great to be home again. These walls feel just as safe as the last time I was here. How have y’all been though? Oh hey for some reason, Riri and Eminem’s Love the way you lie sits perfectly with our blog story today. It’s kinda similar to the last post here. Let’s dig in.

What better day to come back than with a marriage chronicle. I watched scandal last night and how Olivia shattered Blake’s heart all over again and I was like oh no!!! I get that she told that horrendous lie to save his life but what if we all don’t have to lie? Isn’t there a better way to save our loved ones from hurt instead of lies?

I remember asking my friend who was seeing this guy I perceived to be a chronic cheat. We all perceived it. She obviously was the only one who didn’t. And I asked her one day just for the sake of it, if she’ll want her husband to tell her when he cheats or lie that it’s all ok. She said she’d love it if she never knew. In Riri’s words, she loves the way he lies..hmm.

We all lie. Truth. But to love that we’re being lied to is a different game. Would you love to be lied to in such instance? I didn’t want to answer this question myself. I wanted to read from you first. A lot of us are scared. Ignorance they say is bliss and what you don’t know won’t hurt. We get so scared these days of being hurt that we forget to truly live.

Maybe I should answer the question, I’ll want to be told the truth. It would break me no doubt but at least I won’t be walking in the dark. I’d want to know everything, who she is, what lead to it, if he enjoyed it, etc. Call me silly but I’d want to know. That way I have a clear picture before me on the decisions I have to make for our future.

I really want to discuss this. What would you prefer? The lie or the truth? Drop your comment below and let’s get talking!! Lord knows I’ve missed that.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Illustration: Peniel Enchill

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Cassie Daves says:

    Hmmm. You seem to really like marriage and relationship talk. Sure you don’t want to make that your niche? *unsolicited advice* lool.
    On the topic of cheating, I really don’t know how I’ll react especially if we are married. .


    • Ursula says:

      hahaha…you wont be the first to share that advice. I have a lot of interest jare, the blog is a means to express and share a good number of them.

      How are you though?

  2. Berry Dakara says:

    Completely off topic, but what exactly happened to your blog and how did you resolve it?

    • Ursula says:

      lol…It got pulled down oo..they couldn’t debit my card for some reason and I was too ill too follow up. Godaddy and their issues. Their customer care finally sorted it out. Thankfully.

      How are you na? how is ‘the abroad’ treating you?

  3. nedu says:

    Nice write up. I will like to ask , how will you handle the lie at the spot. What will be your first response, thought or action. Also I will like to add that some people (mostly women) can’t handle the truth so they choose to believe what they see at the surface…

    • Ursula says:

      Hey Nedu!! My dear, if you ask me, na who I go ask??..hahaha. Truthfully I dont know how I’d act until I’m put in that situation which I hope will never happen..Amen

  4. nedu says:

    Good to know. Truth is hard but I have seen people that are broken because of truth. But it’s best to live with the truth than to live a false life. Let’s just hope that nobody gets to that point.

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