Jumpsuit X Adey Soile

Hellurr to the R! Can someone holla Friyay!! Time to put on some jumpsuit and strut into the weekend like a boss! How has your week been? Remember when I said here that I’ve been hoping for the sweet part to take over the bittersweet nature of my week? Well God came through! It’s getting sweeter. What song do we celebrate with now? Let’s dance to Phil Collin’s Find a way to my heart. Old school for the weekend!

jumpsuit 1

So I never really was a fan of jumpsuits. For a while I thought it was just plain lazy and there was almost no creative way to make a stylish impression with it. Man was I wrong! That perception changed a long time ago and what can I say, I’m a lover of liberty jumpsuits! By the way, have you been following Scandal? I thought they lost the momentum at the beginning of the season but men, it seems that Shonda Rhimes is back from her creative sabbatical! It sure is heating up.

Back to the gist. I could wear jumpsuits pretty much everywhere. Work, dinner, church, brunch, parties, pretty much everywhere. It depends on how it’s designed though. I love the versatility of it. You can throw on a blazer to get the work vibe on, or accessorize to bring the spark on for some dinner shenanigans. lol

jumpsuit 2

I was invited to this dinner some weekends ago and I needed something to wear. I didn’t want to go the traditional dinner gown way (actually I didn’t have a fitting dinner gown), and I still wanted to look classy. I saw this jumpsuit that’s been sitting in its pack since I got it on my birthday and I thought, hey, we can make this work!

jumpsuit 3

Adey Soile is a Nigerian designer and I think she has amazing designs. I got two outfits from her and though I haven’t worn the second one yet, I can say they’re really lovely. The finishing is top-notch and that’s what a lot of clothiers in the industry don’t get right.

jumpsuit 4

I styled this lovely piece with minimal accessories as I always believe simplicity is Bae. I didn’t have time to change my hair style but well, you got to love me as I am…hehehe.

Do you like this look? Will you be trying a jumpsuit for a dinner maybe this weekend? Do drop a comment below and don’t forget to share.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

Jumpsuit : Adey Soile

Accessories: Diva Accessories (The Palms)

Shoes: Steve Madden

Watch: Micheal Kors

Purse : Susen

PhotoCredit: Hugo!!

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